'Hyde Park on Hudson': Trailer

Bill Murray stars as a vacationing Franklin D. Roosevelt.
2:24 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for 'Hyde Park on Hudson': Trailer
Hello who's that the president anxious to -- -- invited to visit with Franklin and his home in high pollen days ago. What -- for that -- his mother said he needed to take his -- -- -- -- And the pressures of being the president pretty -- you and I can and possibly why don't want spring Franklin showed -- world. I never knew its system is that this -- some better -- And soon we became best friends. They just left feet. We'll bring through -- No king of England had Andrew visited America. Before it's so nice of you -- this forgive me for not getting -- Franklin invited him here. The country where -- we capable -- Looks your mom I have now Tommy and intends time not to call have -- highness Elizabeth do you mind if I call you miss that. -- -- yes one of loan after. This isn't quite as organized us harm don't -- -- some Indian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes the word appeasement. Couldn't pass -- -- -- ask you. And -- -- senior has the. Without some help from us this soon might not be turning to became known -- I'm going to assess the king and queen of England -- -- -- They didn't want me as they can I didn't know they voted for the -- war. -- -- -- I thought I might have a -- Home. Maybe. I'll be around them. I -- see how important this weekend. Hyde Park on -- So chickens that have made us -- --

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{"id":18154149,"title":"'Hyde Park on Hudson': Trailer","duration":"2:24","description":"Bill Murray stars as a vacationing Franklin D. Roosevelt.","url":"/Entertainment/video/hyde-park-hudson-trailer-18154149","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}