Jason Wu "Targets" New Audience

Celebrity Stylist Phillip Bloch talks about the Jason Wu for Target Collection.
3:37 | 02/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jason Wu "Targets" New Audience
While many will be getting ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday fashion needs says will be migrating toward their nearest target store hoping to score some goods from the Jason -- for target collection. Lewis 53 piece collection features apparel and accessories. All for under sixty. And here to talk about the collection at celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch -- welcome it's great to see -- -- is the ultimate. Tailgating party for the fashion -- -- an important -- it in the game where we get. Only community Madonna an argument -- about to happen that it's a little bit about. Jason -- because a lot of people outside the fashion world and -- his name before Michelle Obama wore his. You know he's one of those insiders really young he's really sweet he's a great enthusiastic -- -- great ideas. But it takes that big star that big moment like when Halley Berry or -- sound. That moment that everybody suddenly now goes to his show and what is the look he's known -- -- of classic ladylike tailoring. He has a -- classic ladylike telling that he. It's not your grandmother's classically at midnight tonight he makes little girl like little pleated -- it's it's the elements of classic but he makes them more fun more young. I think it very Carey Mulligan you know that he added. The actress is a little smarter she's not so is trying to be sexy she's trying to be Smart and she says -- -- -- school. Well the exact I love it with a little -- is that rightly guided it into an early get a love that you can be not when it's under sixty books that's you can -- you can -- could not tell about this going to be another case of -- Tony for target where -- -- in a sellout in the first three seconds and it's going to be -- little bit -- and -- should not. -- -- -- -- I think so I think people are just going -- and I've actually already heard some people are selling -- on eBay charity they went to the opening party which cheating that's not fun -- ruin it for everybody. The people are really enthusiastic and passionate love to get -- your hands on what's new. I think when the -- -- with with listening. I think it sort of hurt the business who wants and I of the 2000 -- -- when you combine this sixty -- -- that's -- he looks so similar so the -- danger is that the high and both are if you start selling on the low end your high end retail -- -- I think it brings an awareness of the brand names -- you sell the sunglasses the perfume the other products that that the brand is selling. But it definitely damages the business who wants to buy the 2000 dollars when it when you -- for sixteen your friends are going is that sixty -- going -- Now 82000 but obviously it must be good in some ways because a lot of designers are jumping on this bandwagon I mean you have. Vera Wang with -- yet Zack Rosen not salute target you know do -- -- -- Macy's now Karl Lagerfeld was mrs. Albert for -- coming up so what -- When all of these designers if it this could potentially. Hurt their high end what is the benefit to them. Free publicity a world of free publicity target has so much money behind them that they make this whole campaign around them we're talking about him. The and I guess you sell enough sixty dollars earth doesn't matter that you don't sell one to 2000 dollars per month about brand awareness and theoretically you're building a -- because these are limited capsule collections that's why they work because it's for small time only. It opens you up to a bigger marketplace -- more people know who you are. It was very interesting. When they where they did the -- are taking Natalie Portman wears all the time. And when you get to snell bill Georgia are you just want to think and even know -- these designers are and that stuff sits on the -- might. My niece is very fast -- -- was like that. And it got there and we're looking at the black -- shut up -- and hybrid idea yeah. --

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{"id":15508688,"title":"Jason Wu \"Targets\" New Audience","duration":"3:37","description":"Celebrity Stylist Phillip Bloch talks about the Jason Wu for Target Collection.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jason-wu-targets-audience-15508688","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}