Jedediah Bila Talks Politics, GOP Debate Before Iowa Caucuses

The Fox News contributor and the co-hosts discuss the presidential race as the Iowa Caucuses approach.
4:50 | 01/29/16

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Transcript for Jedediah Bila Talks Politics, GOP Debate Before Iowa Caucuses
Welcome back pack OK it. If you thought five with a lot of people we have six now. Yeah it's a lovely lady is here to talk about last night to debate Republican debate I can Bailey say it. She is a news analyst for Fox News. Hi name is Jeddah diet meal at how large that it got. You're an attack in there with a named -- do you get a dot I know I'm Italian girl from Brooklyn but my mom my mom's a theater director and she took it from Barnaby Jones but she's. And she's wonderful and she wanted me to have a name that no one would ever again I'm not only of the group yeah. I cannot realize and could have been in that kill out of being so be happening backhand and a small so well. Welcome to the geographic OK now the joyful tortoise. Jeb Bush steps in Colton. Okay he really came out of his shell Hess night check out Jeb going after Marco Rubio watched us. But what I believe and I wrote a book about this called immigration war seeking gated it to 99 on Amazon's. How to best seller can promise that is the book where you changed your position on immigration. That he used to support a path to citizenship so did you fall but you change the death. So what you call. Yeah typical flip flopping what gaffes and Irene hamburgers I remember their last election long time ago it at this point when John Kerry. Said I was against it before I was for it and they had flip flops that they destroyed the guy basically you lost through I they did it get away with. I think the assumption by people as that all politicians do this so when they look at this people seem to be unfazed they say you know we saw clips of Ted Cruz. Flip flopping on numerous issues I think people are sitting back and saying you know want. Politicians left right center they all kind of lied us so you look at then and you take your chances and you go with your instinct and look at their records and -- hope tend not. That one of them is going to be consistent but I think people essentially bankrupt politicians. Being inconsistent acknowledged trying to push his book by the way I was cutting its have a right to my Lai a bar I had the question now. I mention Tenkrat Ted trees Atlanta out trump at the podium he had the most to lose but the front of the demise register I think we actually have a copy of it says. Rough night for cruises seems like we saw more of them. And people didn't like it why is an assist marker reveals that chance. I think Ted Cruz needs Donald Trump onstage to shine. Because he's the contrast to Tom. And without intent and develop policies well no problem with Ted Cruz as his delivery he sounds very preacher asked if you're sitting in the audience and listening to an even if you agree with him on policy. You feel like she's being an authentic I think he needs to take lessons from someone who's more authentic the thing about Donald Trump is you actually believe that he's saying what he believes in the Bernie Sanders on the left let's and a final liberal big government girl I would be voting Bernie because I believe that Bernie believes what he's saying he's actually gonna try to do I have I have a question doesn't seem. It's elitist but they both delusional and certainly that's what I. I don't but I found it fascinating. That you had Marco Rubio and you had Ted Cruz the sons of immigrants won't Latinos fighting again about how. Which one was going to keep more Latinos out of the country. I found that really just incredible because when you look at the stats isn't it true that in 2012 the that the Republicans meet the Latino vote they definitely -- bean I was watching it and I was really offended by it. Joy loves an icy lake Buena good. Yeah. I think I'm yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I don't have an honest life. I like you know I'm I'm home building is. They the Republicans meet the Latino vote. It's when he was 1218%. Of Latinos felt the Republicans are hostile towards them. It's when he 1545%. So why would you have the two Republican contenders fighting about who was going to be tougher. I'm let you know I'll tell you why because they have to when a primary. And what wins a primary does not in the general election so Marco Rubio took a Honda of abuse from conservatives when he tried to be moderate on that issue and come to the sensor and bring up in ways that are critical it's a problem look Republicans have a problem with outreach you need to African American vote you need a female vote you need young lawyers looking young voters cannot for Barack Obama they're coming after burning out there Republicans are gonna get that female and black vote when their entertainment event machinery was way when we're not helping women with health care issue -- I'm like why Larry I. I'm half. Back I want to talk about little doubt why is Jeb Bush so scared of Donald Trump. He really blossomed last night what does that a batch is it about it is not that we'll be right back.

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{"id":36602370,"title":"Jedediah Bila Talks Politics, GOP Debate Before Iowa Caucuses","duration":"4:50","description":"The Fox News contributor and the co-hosts discuss the presidential race as the Iowa Caucuses approach.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jedediah-bila-talks-politics-gop-debate-iowa-caucuses-36602370","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}