And the Funniest Clip of the Year Is...

Cats, a shark and screaming people were nominated for this award from Jimmy Kimmel.
3:25 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for And the Funniest Clip of the Year Is...
-- doll a lot of time too much time probably calling television and the Internet to bring you the -- clips. The world has to offer at the end of the year we look back through all those great clips and from those we choose the best of the best. And with that said it is time now to present the award for 2012. I. You first went on the air and diabolical. And this. Don't mind. -- -- -- The smoking vehicle pump. Within that somebody was flat with Q. -- -- lord Jesus. You know -- -- -- -- Susan none genes come and play above my life. And goodness mom gets me have brunch at this. Some trouble this morning for allegedly taking her five year old daughter. Into attending move this along I can't bring my little daughter can do. -- ninety. Degree bet I mean -- it's. Not normal. And get first birthdays let's -- greetings along. Happy first birthday he's got five -- -- of Johnson and happy first birthday going to keep thousands Cranston. -- 2012. Sweden where. -- This is so want to vote Baghdad also mind. -- and seeing me. Thanks I have let me know it is our allies -- to have you and happy I didn't feel the ground.

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{"id":18004502,"title":"And the Funniest Clip of the Year Is...","duration":"3:25","description":"Cats, a shark and screaming people were nominated for this award from Jimmy Kimmel.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jimmy-kimmels-funniest-clip-year-18004502","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}