Joan Rivers Kisses A Woman

Melissa Rivers dishes on reality show's shocking moments.
3:45 | 02/20/13

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Transcript for Joan Rivers Kisses A Woman
It's not happening we show that it was a lesson and so -- some friends -- -- I kissed it. And -- I know I. Don't yeah yes pissed off yes. It was probably Andrea and John river kissed a girl and she may impolite and much of the -- -- daughter Melissa. It seems like this that keep viewers coming back from warm the hit reality series Joan analysts that Joan knows best. The -- beginning its third season ending may -- -- analysts -- rivers away from mom Joan for a moment to come join us. Both the thanks so much for being here thank you for having me yes season three is starts premieres Saturday night very exciting let's go -- the club what was your reaction. It's I think my reaction to it is just a shock and dismay -- hate the audience -- -- -- you back. What he sat -- That. It now does he see it and staring up. Laugh out and now I understand nothing is really off limits when it comes in the -- and I've heard that your mother. Doesn't exactly the respect closed doors and the respect closed doors she does she -- sent to me in this is at -- really true story we've had a big bite. It's known as the in the pound judo wrestling league he's Jones and respect for my down for me. Next morning slacks and our kitchens it has you know -- -- -- and thinking. Six cents. -- iris I acknowledge that you have boundaries. I just choose not to respect. And -- Okay. You would think that would lock in Darby and also think in my hand house that it's closed or you would not. It's been three years now so from one diet -- -- seriously how heavy -- living with him and actually going on for. My mom doesn't say were living together she says she stays with me because he's -- three to forty easily where I come -- Three of four days a week where you're at it in the status of rim and staff and friends in the you know she's she's taken on my -- when I. You know -- take us and I -- We -- together -- lived together. The best part is we do have time apart -- but when she is an LA which is -- -- as a fast asleep when -- Cadillac really have a lot in common and coming up this season your health looking for a lot and so do either you find it. Around. I think I know I'm in a better place than islands when I started to shout. And I've met some amazing people and -- currently in a relationship now. Miami could place the apps to your happy I'm happy and how many mom and mom's always happen. It it's -- and -- never -- really meaning that he can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wish she would meet some line and and then if they live -- -- -- maybe she misstate their house every other week that would be genius and a whole other shell would be a holiday said well let's talk let the Oscars they're coming up this weekend and you pretty special place and he mom is obviously the host. Who -- -- looking forward to seeing them hopes to -- on -- -- -- the most pressure is on -- chest pain and Jennifer Lawrence. I think the trend as well award season -- played it very safe. Net and those girls are big fashion risk takers. -- and if you want someone to step out and surprise you good or bad right and I'm hoping that this week and recent is in the -- lines. It was like the same -- in either black or navy or some very bright color with weight. DT -- -- and air -- one side and part again as I have stopped the once on the line. -- -- -- as someone get an analyst sat at someone -- and I and -- pat we'll look forward to it Melissa thank you so much for coming at you guys really appreciated thank you.

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{"id":18549791,"title":"Joan Rivers Kisses A Woman","duration":"3:45","description":"Melissa Rivers dishes on reality show's shocking moments.","url":"/Entertainment/video/joan-rivers-kisses-woman-18549791","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}