Josh Brolin on 'Hail, Caesar!', Clooney and the Coen Brothers

Brolin appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and shares the inside story on the making of his newest film, "Hail, Caesar!"
17:21 | 02/05/16

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Transcript for Josh Brolin on 'Hail, Caesar!', Clooney and the Coen Brothers
Define you as a courtesy before I run tomorrow story. Ashley yeah I just saw your on them. I don't what's the story then what there's absolutely no truth and adults the way believe me I'll look old stale product today. And blood donated is a difference today. That know now yes he did have to take a break. Minor injury high ankle sprain but I do think I'm and now and I think I saw your sister Hillary's who's trying to resurrect some old gossip about I'm sure she wants back couch you wouldn't know a new story a bit bitter on the Boston area well she high ankle sprain about domestic copilot. We know about the womanizing and drinking jags in the district this undated that is a good family man he has a high ankle strain mr. managed. What's up here. It's only defines UP DQ. And it sounds great but she since it was calling it future. But law. That's at. If hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and movie now from the Coen Brothers called Easter. With my buddy here Josh wrong and who you're going to be shocked when you've seen him I don't know what he's done himself but I do now in this movie he's giving one. Of his best performances which for me in the Watson Josh welcome thank. Was it rehab or something why. What did she. Oh. You mean rehab why am big yet why get a decent performance now I think that that can happen from time to time now and I've never so much of you. Which is always great. I liked that big board I've been I just got back from the worlds of North Carolina with Jody bill. And the McBride who he spent those guys I was regret and great guys and I gained quite that way on purpose and I know you're not gonna believe by Sampras I don't or in February and anywhere near. They'll move yet if you look at great burger place on 53 street. That's your credit. Noam. Mr. yelled thieves rest and then god knows what it took. I don't know what but I'm not going you know I was impressed and positive but shouldn't they get to the end of it okay. We have things with mr. That would be. The right to be ignored yet they're going. At which brings me to let me do my due daily marketplace because there. Usually this time of the there's nothing but crap it's. Could pass to be so are in the middle of it comes policies. Yeah and I was route three and it cuts as well every once in awhile they'll be a movie. Heaped thinking. It did he do. But I'm human but her healing you can. The great ones always fall off the hotline not least there walk it absolutely not everybody can be not everybody's not every episode of popcorn can be great road by viewers are some. I'm coming back calming breath diagnoses. Because it is 24 hours in the life of your cat yes this movie. Is all prohibiting around eighty men to you what to tell us. Who this guy is it's this guy is. The OK the college it's a real guy it's based on a real guy. Who was head of security at Prospect Park. For next tank and his brother believe it was just tank. And you know he went to Hollywood all these guys went to Hollywood. And bought property the guys who were making maybe 40000. A year were suddenly making 250 million a year. The equivalent. So now he's been around this movie takes place 1951 he's been around for awhile he controls the studio basically runs the studio for nix Garrick. And controls. He. Image of all that the botrus children. In his studio and there's a lot of depart tree going on. Well George Clooney plays the star of the movie season is who rates seen where you'd beat the ever loving range and I do regain. And a lot I'm sure that's what happened that was the big selling point was at. Excellent point you know what Clinton didn't show up for rehearsal one time because you know he's in Lake Como. Whenever he has and you know why would you wanna go down can't land it's like type it in. He construction errors or. So he wrote eaten colonies and I'm sorry I can't be rehearsal but tell Eddie he can slat is much higher once when I get there love there. So I did I slap camera. Our you know what you want to do this movie. You wanna slap George Mira. Yet I'm sure it was I don't know I don't want to work with the Coen Brothers. Because the movies are so strange. 41 like movies that aren't so. Like people don't see me. You know I mean if you're I think back let's get it. It accuses the record and people can be out in your mind reality check with the I love it when I leave here my agents is literally dies on the. I 08. That's oh that's what you are doing things for eight you have you're the voice that notes your. You know a marble ceiling you can and wall that but you're taking me away from this movie which gently. Good luck Hewitt I can seriously and this is it is the fifties he's the fixer in the studio so he's almost like Clinton Michael Clayton. Are taking care that is. There but. He also is handling this crisis that they. There's this whole thing have you always get back in. He's in their and he thing Latin father pipes and tree says how long since he left confessions they went on 27. And the prince's. But indeed the law. Now but he's not but he is he has things that he de that. Skirt that border of morale skirt the border Gary Allen but they're not he's not necessarily on the he's on the precipice but he hasn't really fallen in two. Mafia land you are at least that mentality which he has a conscience if you look at it at the end that last confession. He basically is a version metaphorically of Christ. He fights for his family the Brady puts us and we first he puts who he's there for knicks yank first. He puts his faith first and actually purchased it before all of it and then everything secondarily but. To do this job that like has to be done. The only thing that he does bad really if you think about it this integrys. Only because that fifty only because. His wife doesn't want. It's not because he thinks it's bad forum it's his wife who doesn't want to do it and feels guilty. Are like you why you think tip you really do passion Mario that he could go right off but he has yet maybe it's because you're playing soil we see you in danger of falling off. Specifically it's C you. I'm a precariously. That's anything but things are good and last armies on each other things. And things have only gotten out gotten better you're engaged net we're hearing. Please if you asked me I asked her how messed me waited longer. It's thank you can jump right and that that's it's news about it. Really I mean obviously sweet now I can't be deeper and again. Accusing them like soda. Is it. Lessons they Utica actually catches. Now. Oil to Europe is affected me in a way it last year expert. It could have been alcohol it's all their but let me let me go back to that for a second to talk about. People at studios where the fixer exist. Now. Aiding as the deal with the pregnant Tara who is played by Scarlett Johansson has like guest went there. This can't happen because the fifties right right now we don't look at that thing. No no but that's not true because the watches like there's a great book called fixer about all these guys and Eddie is like an amalgamation of mayor Paul berg. It's guess that was Strickland Howard Strickland loses he or. And an immense cause any manners was much more severe than an excellent play. But if you read that book there's so much that there was so much craziness going on that. And then there was brothels in the hours all the actors and you know hiding you know sexuality in all in all seriousness and the Collins made it accessible and come on but it was pretty severe that much more severe than today. I say it today it's likely KO mentality. You know. It's like you know KL yet. I think we only scale we only care yet we don't want that we all healthy we're all trying to there's in budget act and the weather and India. Toward the tail I am the only one apparently not yet but everybody out with. There are. On the 12. Have to go back to users and one. I'm pulling back and our Christmas is the end of your first. Yes. Oh no country full lawn belongs. To troubled. Money takes him in another direction. Heroes sports hero of sorts that thing you see or your characters. And her partner worry. Tom Cheney he is true grit and I mean. There was associate. Total and now hailed C. Whenever cleans here he complained bitterly about the cause is the only cast him as more. Open its. Mr. Michael Clinton's he has in Syria honest here is all that stuff and then he gets to go because the Cohen's seat. Past the cosmetics and what Clooney is on GQ. In enemy well they do so they see the more they see in warm yet he they exploit book and wrong that it. And beautifully. And he makes money prominent as a place in Italy and it's all good. But wasn't for the Collins Clooney would be nothingness. Not me he knows what the even though he does what he. Don't show up for her the only can exactly. Where my beautiful. A beautiful built to this was there you to explain. Team has asked the audience. Who is known I've met them mini. I'd no like the certificate. No I don't now that's not true right when time shall conduct and just talk to me is that I went to a pool lane with Fran. And we both wet and I won a movie. I don't think of them with a group promoting any of them weeping. At this I'd never seen so but we UC Dan. What a month review with you there's two things there you can preview it here. I just broke went on the Coen. Never got to compliment from either one or. Except last moments on quality and he's like you by the way would not let go cavs and you bird. Which they've never I've known them for ten years and years. There's never been anything like that sort confused me. I think upon. Trust. I don't do that I made it. Bigger break hold relationships that we have that's based on no compliment. Maybe could have been wit thing. These the end we've done just wrong but it. Oh I thought my right arm like listen. There's been a Psycho psychology that's been revealed by Peter hours. It really makes me unease want to know will you be hiring or let's. With the U written that are. How do you know without the phone call even though they haven't said Josh that was like okay. How do you know they're pleased at the end of the take because I don't tape printed. Because it left I don't need to be there at that it's like if he were to get up right now your camera guy just Lee. You go apparently that's the end of interview popcorn. Because he left he left what I'm looking can't vote right right so tell stories on to the next and needlessly. Legislate. At wave sometimes like as a joke to the crew. But now there's now I told you the best compliment I ever god. Was I look what was it used regret my looked because I'm doing the voice and it's weird I don't know what's working. And I said is it good and then Ethan where. I. And in their vocabulary. That means a lot. That's amazing like we got exactly what we need perfect right on the money if our vocabulary it would you know doesn't mean. But it's. As it is perfect but not. It's. What a great review movie to be in the end. That would appease Ethier. Our rights as you've content through this you've got yet and a which you must that they can something. As Andy directing Melanie worked with been really now how do you expect. Here the wealth and I don't. If you are doing a few things for much. But it's that you don't Margaret are usually don't I usually so you're out there doing this work but who what kind of filmmaker that you work with. Has BN. Re the at least if not effusive. Saying you did good work or do directors not do that. They do but I you know in all honesty could assist in Austin every take he. Of course he's. He needs that everybody knows that. He. Allow I've been lucky to work with Joel and Ethan because there's a great. There's a lack of pretense and ego and everything that we do and it's actually it's become almost an addiction. I would do anything like George is directing. Jolie Putin's next written script. So he called me and he said we you do this thing and I immediately I read it was of course like I didn't even have to read. Right now you said yes which is that you won't do rehearsals I want to rehearsals. You genuinely nice Latin that's right you know slacker. This. So I'm excited to do that with but. There's something about Joseph Nathan ulcers since that I just I could be fully satisfied doing movies only for them for the rest of my career I would honestly be on. With clearly not gonna happen that you were really matters. Problem that was the last phone call that. I know that I have to let go but I want and as I was doing song so you can take your shirt off and do it you can. I. There's an extra action when it went do and I felt really impairs what does it do. That was good reason. While it whatever it what was the song and heard it last was this summer when. So I have a thing but I have a thing in my mind and I everybody's a everybody's Markovic hurt before but you know that person's C yeah. Okay that's been in my I think because I've been out in the woods for way too long this in the old. Don't know what she's hearing Syria yet. On the moon on the moon on the moon and even though it's a sack and then send a man and I. My salmon bound and and in. And which is sent off an hour. No no you explain everything I understand everything about it today. Moment. Holland and it's crazy good crazy. I've literally gone crazy makes this process it's easy it's too bad that there wasn't an eighties manic today. Who could just take human hand and it's like up its stock with a flat Arafat you know it's a well. Carlo it. I'd have made. And haven't too much I don't need for this to stop I don't want this to stop this is a good. Time for. So I'm really happy with you could it could be little less at you when I think next. Other than that. It's all goodness. It's all good he started the year of Kudlow viewed on March her. I'll hurt thank you card in our. There are.

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{"id":36739535,"title":"Josh Brolin on 'Hail, Caesar!', Clooney and the Coen Brothers ","duration":"17:21","description":"Brolin appears on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" and shares the inside story on the making of his newest film, \"Hail, Caesar!\" ","url":"/Entertainment/video/josh-brolin-hail-caesar-clooney-coen-brothers-36739535","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}