Josh Hutcherson Hits Big Time in "Hunger Games"

Films star discusses pressure of becoming "Peeta" in buzzy new thriller.
6:43 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Josh Hutcherson Hits Big Time in "Hunger Games"
-- -- -- It's a special girl back home. Now I'm Myron. And I don't believe it for a second look at that face handsome men like you -- Well there. There's this -- -- and had a crush on forever. Well. I'll tell you what -- You go out there. And you win this -- in when you get home shouldn't have to go -- -- -- Thanks but I I don't think -- is gonna help me you know. And one out. Because she came here with -- okay people you have just seen as seen from this very small indie movie called -- That is going to on two sequels and -- stars Josh Hutchison an -- aren't. And we have. Temple -- hidden in a corner but she'll come out later if -- here but. Just Richardson who was -- -- the year I think yes you are genuinely here hundred block right now I loved it means so much that and it changed mine. -- Peter travertine Peta. Travis. Really that the fans. Don't like -- it's better to have -- to eat. It is accidentally using an -- but those that don't know this is like if you watching survivor on -- Yes everybody was between ages twelve and -- And basically the -- went home and body acts exactly. But we need to explain those who don't know PT. -- -- PE TP. Is a character in district twelve which is the same district. Then -- severed penis from in this futuristic world the government has -- look at contravene these different districts. Are divided by Olympic hockey country into the capitalists -- on the thing. And and basically they. They -- in -- boys and girls into into a battle in the English Americans out and my character and canisters of shows -- to go -- and hunger games and in my care to peanut unfortunate for him has been in love with -- and his entire life and has never told her and is now author and -- situation with her. And I was in -- can come on the gains it's a very intense you know premise of -- intense movie in. In gear off as fact is director absolutely did amazing rendition. So given all that -- then did you feel that did you feel like you could and her. A hundred games yourself and be okay you've already fallen in love with -- aren't exactly given quite a different. -- She's doing so we it's lovely. You know with -- -- -- that we've gone through everything kind of going to all the -- press -- I feel like I might be ready for some version of the hunger games. You have to do something like he had to be enough block anymore I'm not now had to go back to myself. Because Peta Peta and Josh are enough alike and then on who's talking now that they disappear and jobs -- another third person records aren't exactly. I was -- like hey there's did you lose yourself not in an actor really certifiable and visited Manhattan. But yet it was it was weird being line. -- -- so minor -- -- -- in the -- every game dealing. And it's a strain does not mean he is definitely. And what about physically what rejected due to -- get that. Intensity. Everything has picked me it was it was -- that it will. The woman for about fifteen pounds of it muscle for the role. Like he's been baker and worked with he's -- -- -- -- is like. Whenever and and so I had to -- and the navy -- trainer. They -- -- the -- for the 300 in the -- as other. Action packed adventures and the very high protein diet and was constantly knocking my -- -- problem. Souza it was tough but -- sacrificing for my craft people will do -- And they're gonna go back in the doing and we -- actually open a second for the second games. For people who knew the books you know Peta and the kindness and we're hearing is -- -- weren't elected to office that you clearly -- Utopia and -- due back into the games and in this time. Almost like careers they can actually -- often in recent -- -- even get in better shape for the for the second. Until it was decreed that each year the twelve districts -- -- -- -- who didn't want movement and between the ages of twelve. -- pretty good -- for survival. And be prepared to play with the death. He's -- very mysterious kind of character especially because like in the book in the movie. The ice is kind of kept the same same level cabinet so they don't know more or less that are so Peta and the beginning -- running with the careers. You know you'd that's what you think he's doing think he's flip side and have no idea what's happening. And I ask antiquated -- can tease the audience. Could just keep them on it and it just -- as I think -- school about these books about the movie Chile's. Collapse arms they make movies and things the lowest common denominator and -- has been viewed story in the charity you know talked on the audience. I think this -- -- giant has pretty Smart lets them -- -- done for the for themselves I think that's you know very entertaining and get your -- -- How much is this guy like him. So much so much hiring few is his core belief is you know being treat yourself and and I asked him a piece of someone -- game and that's you know something I've lived my entire life by especially. Mean acting -- I was nine years old and being around. Maybe -- and an uncle William -- opportunities -- kind of change for you arching your constitution you do but you're part of the big game that's being run by Hollywood studios -- basically say. We've spent a hundred million dollars on this minute -- arguing. -- -- -- -- -- At least in our I'm proud of that some unhappy thought process now I am just kind of a puppet if you can. But yet I think of their -- elements of Hollywood -- what the consumer -- but like -- he's forced to go into over the same time he -- maintains. Being true to himself which is what -- heavily to. I'm bound. That ever -- about that that I Atlanta the Atlanta. She ran out of that Diana Diana.

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{"id":15987713,"title":"Josh Hutcherson Hits Big Time in \"Hunger Games\"","duration":"6:43","description":"Films star discusses pressure of becoming \"Peeta\" in buzzy new thriller.","url":"/Entertainment/video/josh-hutcherson-hits-big-time-hunger-games-15987713","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}