Jwoww Responds to Tabloid Slam

Why the reality TV mom-to-be is fighting back.
3:38 | 05/29/14

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Transcript for Jwoww Responds to Tabloid Slam
-- ask you about this. Recently there was some. Some headlines that were made about a picture that was posted -- -- not -- with will hit you and your picture was used in the place in it was a it was a -- Article. What was your response to this way she -- as first line. So angry in the moment I was flipping up the camera and I read. I was kind of like clapping like good shots and -- from making sound -- in -- -- eight months pregnant you know. And then he actually had no idea what was going so I can find and tell them. And I was like -- -- finally Andy look at the fishery that doesn't look like you read obviously -- and they've made out of proportion why why do you care. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is said was did you like how you look when you left him. Because I thought you looked stunning view I don't Hollywood's great man left and came back with a whole different attitude I was like why would you let somebody else's opinion affect your thing. I ask unanimous you know -- first -- at Bethel saying that attacking someone that is pregnant and you have all these emotions. Anyway -- -- -- -- why -- -- do it has a lot of stress -- to her and her fetus an unborn child can do some. -- -- And a little candlelight and I problem loving parents but it wasn't the fact that -- chart below hannitizing like. Plastic surgery is like -- -- related catwoman or something crazy but unlike the -- that's insulting me that you're trying to say that I had plastic surgery pregnant. Because two weeks -- my baby -- which -- just came out and that they want that I looked great. Fast forward now absolutely -- time basically say that I transforming these in these two weeks. That means that -- turns into a plastic surgery -- and jeopardizing my child and some doctors out there actually willing to do that's in Atlanta it -- blew my mind. -- when you hear about so we harassment like this happening and you've kind of gotten brought into this world how often are you fooling yourself how often are reading these kinds of TMZ or these pop culture. You know entertainment sources to see if you're gonna pop up here to defend yourself or you're gonna have to defend someone else. I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- different pages every day just to -- wasn't more that it captured my wife -- -- Sometimes when -- defend her situation and hours at the same time but. You know when you know somewhat like I had just so as -- yesterday in that -- -- right after I was right there they. She was beautiful when so hurt so that's packed town look at how -- rising trade you know don't get caught up in that. -- -- -- people's opinions and everybody has a right to this it's the downside of this industry side effects can result of the vessel comes with a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now it's -- it's -- that the attache in. And -- is there is normally normally -- a -- 900. That for some reason everyone took to it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How dare -- that's not even use definitely -- A lot of people like why are they thinking a little kid because they just didn't get the joke behind and wrapped -- but that's just on something I think whoever is behind. Behind that computer that wrote that heartfelt love them using that to my face to face my fiance has been. What -- happening right now like that that's I had cyber bullying really get underneath my skin -- that anyone's. Top that I. And then let the -- -- not yet bigger -- with a teenage suicide tonight kids that don't understand that kids that are getting -- I configurable in all day. But I feel but I feel like kids take -- -- and young young actresses and singers like -- desires to be criticized for how they look.

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{"id":23921394,"title":"Jwoww Responds to Tabloid Slam","duration":"3:38","description":"Why the reality TV mom-to-be is fighting back.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jwoww-interview-2014-reality-star-responds-tabloid-slam-23921394","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}