Ken Marino's 'Wanderlust'

Ken talks about "Wanderlust" and Jen Aniston's relationship with Justin Theroux.
1:15 | 02/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ken Marino's 'Wanderlust'
The new film wanderlust has plenty of star power including Jennifer Aniston called -- engines current love Justin zero. But it's ten Marino who steals scenes left and right here's the -- Analysts rather it was -- cardboard box economic you're gonna Philip is Super Bowl -- a welcome on religious and -- when you lose your apartment. A lot lot Morris failed my apartment even -- kill me -- my mortgage finance. -- And Linda look at you funny is being -- it was. The argument went yeah yeah. -- think you're making me. Dollar weakness and I mean. And Kent now joins us -- they see this use -- it it has. -- -- So hot you obviously have read this bad and I hope that you obviously your real I don't -- and in the minutes -- united got that right up -- You can't -- this grant and I hope you saved some of those funny scenes. You know originally when Dave and I wrote it we didn't have anybody -- play the part I think maybe subconsciously I was hoping to you part. Then we gave the -- to Paul. And now one of the first things that policy is -- -- -- Rick Bragg and then abandoning the gates wrote and housing. -- -- -- -- -- -- But the benefit big story have a baby came about because the co writer David Blaine is also the -- -- -- college -- Yes we've been working together in creating things together cents. We were roommates in college. It's tonight's town it's -- -- journey that we've taken and you know throughout the years we've created pension. Different projects in movies and TV shows and here you are you're still friends and that's how I suspect and we work well together we. Like an old married couple that's that's about wonder what's the practice the idea is -- the premises. -- New York couple loses everything. And has this wonderful experiences there and they're driving fantasy. Just delivered their brother. -- -- and and heading out of Atlanta makes them. -- me and turns into the economy and in this wonderful evening and and they decide what would happen if we. To an economy and we have nothing to news one -- -- -- and then down. And then. Crazy things -- -- their specific inspiration for this story -- that's just. With its you know -- Dave and I both are very busy hectic kept people doing a spending a lot of plates at one time and so we always fantasize about. Just kind of getting away from all of that and and living a simpler. Existence. And you know what an amazing. -- straight red crescent justice -- all that -- Ackermann and Jordan field captain John Terry -- you know truly I mean come not -- you do you have some of these people in mind when you're writing here. Well when we originally wrote it we have Paul in -- and just in in mind and then everybody else. We didn't know -- we wanted once we finish the script. We made a dream list. And on top of that dream list was Jen Aniston -- and Alan Alda and we like what we can't. Against them. And then. We asked him names and yes we're. Enormously surprised. Real meaning and here you are an ascendant -- like you know -- you know and went on -- It. It was it was a tree yet think it's a great ensemble. Cast -- a lot of people are under the assumption that Jen and Justin start seeing each other on the -- threat. Did you notice anything -- different -- as. Aspect. They I know that they didn't get together does that -- we were all very -- we had a very communal kind of thing -- in the middle of nowhere when we were shooting. We were all hanging out and we -- is a very -- became a family. But no they didn't they didn't. Get together until way after we were kind of done shooting in. Back -- alliance. You realize it's all very exciting Reno congratulations thank you very -- premieres this Friday thanks very exciting thanks for being with us thank you very much.

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{"id":15768490,"title":"Ken Marino's 'Wanderlust'","duration":"1:15","description":"Ken talks about \"Wanderlust\" and Jen Aniston's relationship with Justin Theroux.","url":"/Entertainment/video/ken-marinos-wanderlust-15768490","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}