Kenny G on how Clive Davis shaped his career

ABC News' Rachel Scott and Michael Rothman talk to musician Kenny G on the red carpet for the world premiere of "Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives."
4:37 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for Kenny G on how Clive Davis shaped his career
She's now yeah. Senate president again I'd I don't think that it rarely seen as enemies. My mom wants yeah I don't talk. We mustering out without being that in fact life has. Written by so we'll let you know what impact it will happen. Can't hear what's the reason I'm on the red carpet. Tonight on a high. Like I am. So if you want to know who plan to sponsor them I have looked for the way that's me and so I'm doing that. I would do that but might this mean it's such a clue from. The wonderful things we started in 1982 point when he signs and you know twenty records later. Sydney finally records sold and news crazy stuff crazy crazy crazy at times lives like that it really is thanks. I'm I'm shocked but didn't think yes batters patently not taxing the last forty years. And so I still packed it days. I feel like at times. And I have a lot better player which is most known enemies in his. You can be you can get. Better at playing this accident as you are being. I mean that they think the best and that lets. Could you improve and senior years. I'm I'm I'm destined to be even better saw extra hours they aren't. Tell us what I got so this is may get a plaque and I we don't actually have a great history together me I just saw Johnny Carson. And clients are people really kind of contract price. A little song we're making the big kids so we wrote letters to all the radio programs. When we have popular radio. And no Internet. And he'd leave them play an instrumental in want to alienate a good. And their phones lit up because people want that we like what does he like. And then my career and I was going to like it. People yeah for 9000 people are. In like a couple weeks. It was a crazy time. Shoulder this many people. Outside the longevity pay performance Borough large crowds. It's an elegant if you are a virtuous than what you do. You get started I'm just the thing itself is blessed right now I sort of hype got into it got started. And can't in my eyes the desperately needed the money. That they're on the public school student Adam lesson I learned music and school today music fourth grade got my saxophone at practice and. Just went through junior high high school band college. Just. Italy anything documentary ads on my heart. I am heartened that so what else can sort of looking forward to me and lots of will be part of that was when of the I do. It's time when kids aren't as likely to policies have ever. I don't think we'll have a history quality and hoping yeah. I want to releasing. I'm excited and I don't know but I've not been watching tonight. Apparently resigned earlier this morning I'm gonna be. Obviously in my hormones I don't watch it later on concerts this. And openly about the performing this tonight and yeah well. Find it. Ian and I mainly. It is going to be amazing and an animal is don't talk. I think we're pretty fires signing. It's. Now partly sunny and Jennifer a decision perhaps yeah. So. When I read that there was retiring the cynical one one of a kind night we'll never see again I think we. Okay we'll. Of these ladies are going well yeah oh. Yeah I like doing academy it's on him. I'm so happy that you. Looked lately it's you know what are you working on with your next venture I'm more kind of new collaboration record. This is coming together and I'll be like our president I don't want to tell you what I'm doing yeah. And neck and like I played pretty animosity toward. Doesn't win the not on him just because I had a good artists. Joseph Clark the respecting. And disease and get this happening without me. It's amazing. Conveniently on Indians yes absolutely good this into the world. In the day.

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{"id":46939529,"title":"Kenny G on how Clive Davis shaped his career","duration":"4:37","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott and Michael Rothman talk to musician Kenny G on the red carpet for the world premiere of \"Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/kenny-clive-davis-shaped-career-46939529","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}