Kim Kardashian's Marriage Nightmare?

Rebecca Bienstock reports on issues with husband Kris Humphries.
4:22 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian's Marriage Nightmare?
-- -- -- what's hot what's making news in Hollywood and for that we've got back to being stopped from us weekly magazine here to Phyllis and with all the details Rebecca good to have you with us today -- arts we see in the front cover their Kim Kardashian and and at the solo shot but you can still see the wedding ring Chris Humphries what's going on the husband is rumors. What what's the latest. Yeah well there's a lot of rumors about them not having the perfect marriage only a couple months and and that's true. Lot of people are staying closer than that maybe she moves -- too quickly and He didn't know what He was getting into by getting into the -- -- in brand basically. So they're having some issues she's not that happy about his leaving -- she finds that. He needs to be working harder that's -- cashing in mode they all worked really hard at things I'm she's happy that. Among other she -- him because that -- The marriages only how many months old got married and Salinas and just come on -- -- it's -- it's hot air and of course that I -- hot with -- beautiful images that are then. Yeah broadcast around the world of the ring with a wedding that was twenty million dollar crazy laughing. For our TVs absolutely. OK we'll we'll have to -- with the developments -- going to be I'm not. -- ransacked whose name she had come out publicly and said that she had breast cancer and that shocked a lot of people because such a young woman and there -- an -- to to confront this head on -- -- public way. She underwent surgery she's now back at work very quickly she very quickly how -- she returns to quickly as well -- -- Eight out of his surgery went well that's severance telling us and you I think she just wanted to get right back out there and continue with. Her career and not let it get to her -- as she said in her interviews that it was very early stage of cancer and looks like the prognosis is great. I'm so she's wanted to show that she's doing well answer real. Sort of role model yeah I mean is showing the kind of strength as she has the publicly to to confront it and then unit to sort of let everyone else in on your personal struggles right not an easy thing is an incredible and they're still working toward having -- they're they're gonna. Get back into that thing we've heard from -- and -- -- that was her main focus for awhile alright. And another Hollywood couple Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds sluggishness confirmed as this -- what is it is is it a little more solid than what we've been hearing lately. Yet totally really -- has -- issued -- photos band together. Since they did the Green lantern they act very close and recently they've been dating and they celebrated his birthday together and Boston and she even brought -- painting. Or something wrapped him painting like package to his movie set to -- and balloon. Some -- -- -- -- when you hear about eleven celebrations right because they don't just go and just you know stop aggression during get a cake -- a card now. We know now. I think all -- if some -- some big extract -- below we can -- or whatever and I think Sandra Bullock is Sandra Bullock is -- very very close friends of Brian -- anxious and about all this close. She thinks He totally fine -- that the three of them okay and other friends actually went out in New York last dinner went partying. Last Thursday was -- and she was looking on watching them make out watching Ryan -- make out just fine with that so. Everybody is -- proving that -- got -- puts arrest of Ryan. And Sandra -- here yeah wow if this strong woman she's deadly they've been through enough herself into. The bachelorette Deanna Pappas right she is no longer the bachelorette. She married we have exclusive -- their wedding her and Stevens Leon now. They had a really -- Georgia wedding very southern fried chicken meals on one of the fund He tells we have an issue that. Her husband and his -- -- all dressed up in ninja outfits and. Since you -- it comes to fight you know very cool on details about that very cool and fun wedding in there and Eddie Murphy -- -- to -- fallen off the radar for a couple of years he's had a huge comeback. Yes yes the Academy Award yeah hosting and we have an excerpt from his Rolling Stone interview about fat and He talks about how He hasn't. Fully decided what the show will be like because He has to wait for what it's being nominated but He said He will not Taylor musical number -- -- -- really -- -- C because He seems like a no holds barred just kind of pull out all the stops for those kinds of shows rates -- and maybe it'll change in the lead the months leading up to that the -- His stance -- the moment I'm -- on this something incredible audience I'm one I'm sure we'll be heading back to talk about repercussions or that praising reckoning for absolutely -- Rebecca being -- from us weekly magazine thanks for stopping by I was good to see you for having --

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{"id":14820627,"title":"Kim Kardashian's Marriage Nightmare?","duration":"4:22","description":"Rebecca Bienstock reports on issues with husband Kris Humphries.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kim-kardashians-marriage-nightmare-kris-humphries-problems-in-relationship-work-ethic-entertainment-14820627","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}