'Mad Men' Season 5 Secrets!

ABCNews.com's Sheila Marikar has scoop from the season premiere.
3:40 | 03/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Mad Men' Season 5 Secrets!
It's almost here. Of course you know we're talking about the season premiere of mad men we've been waiting seventeen months. And the plot lines for the premiere are so secret in fact that we can even show you a preview of that. But abcnews.com. Entertainment reporter -- -- America are. Managed to sneak in legally and theatre premiered -- -- the senate talk with some of the details Sheila thanks for being with us today. Thank you really -- -- interview at a bar with a couple of Martinis like Texas and similar plot lines out that riding high -- Manhattan -- -- -- seventeen article in the -- has the premiere where did we leave off. When we last -- are mad men and me Don had just proposed to -- and and it was a huge impulsive decision other on this trip to California mechanism secretary -- And it came as a huge shock to a lot of people in the office. When he came back he announced all of his colleagues that the secretary renowned experts and -- -- for one seemed pretty apprehensive about what this could mean. For her future at the firm because. Meg and he's also might have a little bit about creative spark and maybe. There could be potential of her going into -- department of the so there is some tension brewing man and then with Joan Joan is now pregnant with Rogers made in writing and it looks like she's going to keep the baby and pass. The baby off as her husband's. Now we don't know how that's going to affect her ambition and her work and how people at the officer going to react to another. Entanglement like. All right so you saw the -- all of those kind of plot lines which are very complex than it to our premiere -- you can type a lot of those Lucent did they do that or even. Invite even more intriguing kind of suspense. Well there are a lot of questions raised and it looks like it's going to be really entertaining season but they're -- -- all of the wit and the intrigue and I plot twists that. Mad men fans have come to expect it's definitely a new -- for the whole firm it seems like things are going to be changing in terms of the way to do business. And the way that the entire advertising industry -- it. And we don't even know what you know but we don't even know. From the outside what year this season premiere is correct right that's our top secret business. Right series creator Matthew Weiner has taken huge pains to make sure that no details about. The premiere episode in the fifth season get leaked so. He's not releasing any -- until after the premiere there are no curtain plot points out there they're really trying to keep things under wraps. Did you have to sign a waiver -- when your first -- so -- fact that. When it's actually a felony in the State of New York if you release these plot lines. It actually might be and you certainly can't have -- of thousands of media that's just in Pensacola -- about the people that it up and -- can be disappointing this premier -- on I think that it's it's been seventeen months the anticipation for this has really been running high in that time. There were rumors at this -- -- canceled because. Discussions between Matthew -- an antsy over budget and production deadlines and all of the things that need to come together to make a huge -- that's -- So we know this season is obviously in the can -- mostly guns are and what about future seasons because a lot of these fans of say hey we've waited almost a year and a half. -- don't just give us one more season -- two maybe three more we hear anything about them. You know I think that all signs are ago that it will this will keep talking on its a huge huge -- it's one. And -- the year after year after year. I don't think that there is any incentive to pull the plug it ever want to keep going but of course that the high budget. Show with a lot of really really famous actors Knauss now as long as the -- marriage and and the dirty -- are free -- when exactly have. Feel thank you so much good inside appreciated thank you.

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{"id":15972989,"title":"'Mad Men' Season 5 Secrets! ","duration":"3:40","description":"ABCNews.com's Sheila Marikar has scoop from the season premiere.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mad-men-season-secrets-15972989","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}