Madonna Set List Unveiled for Super Bowl?

The singer will reportedly break out "Vogue," "Holiday" and more.
0:35 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Madonna Set List Unveiled for Super Bowl?
She's going to be former in this Sunday at halftime show. A long way if Nikki tonight -- End -- -- day they will also be performed with her but a little little kid -- Wikipedia -- go to Wikipedia look up half time shows. I guess BS that list has that is -- out there OK so she's going to be singing according to Wikipedia I give me on your love in featuring making an an MIA followed by a ray of light. But all live music and holiday her spokesperson as saying it's not accurate they did not get right for all of you that. Fell in love with Madonna and based upon those songs from the eighty's she's been. -- given -- back the fans.

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{"id":15488817,"title":"Madonna Set List Unveiled for Super Bowl?","duration":"0:35","description":"The singer will reportedly break out \"Vogue,\" \"Holiday\" and more.","url":"/Entertainment/video/madonna-set-list-unveiled-for-super-bowl-15488817","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}