Maks Gets Mad On 'DWTS'

Amy Palmer breaks down the latest 'Dancing' drama.
4:41 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Maks Gets Mad On 'DWTS'
At that time to get to cut up on the latest celebrity headlines and as always Amy Palmer from Q were allowed dot com is here with all the details hi -- makes you and thanks for having -- -- -- -- -- -- some tense moments on Dancing With The Stars it was -- night but the judges did not like Hope Solo and -- routine and -- kind of have enough let's legalize. I've been in this business for nearly fifty years minus did you -- to -- it. And don't because I don't like -- -- I'm just thankful to everybody right because that everybody's putting a lot of effort. Everybody on that balcony has been dying. California. -- your god is a little judgmental comment William. Poole wow LaSalle Amy who was right here the judge -- Acts it would definitely bid gadgets column they were rate because the dance that math and solar and -- -- dead. Was higher by look like they were phoning in and I acted totally given up on its partner. And meeting you can see it here in the footage it's just there's nothing going up so yes I will miss him appoint good judges -- zero -- yeah. -- got this problem out -- Here is -- -- -- twenty out of thirty I just think that. The only reason Matt Hewitt actually still -- in the competition is that so the audience can still look at Max -- is that you drive and He said himself that he's one of the reasons why the show -- -- -- which is true. But you know out of control ego about middle and at -- Significantly. That's wouldn't you think was the best performer. I thought that -- Ricki Lake with a mean scene she -- leave brings it to the dance floor she looked like a professional out there she is such. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just unbelievable it was do you guys and -- dance. And then I -- JR was fantastic. He is the most positive energy -- anyone on that hold them for -- my and I see -- in the audience. Loved him and I think that -- Story is so compelling and He is such an inspiration you know He had a horrible thing happen to him anything it doesn't matter I'm probably going to -- -- August great and I -- angry with you -- you like to you Ollie is. Can tell that -- -- so much effort it -- is working so hard. She really as I think that that's what it -- they always say about Dancing With The Stars -- at have to do with. Your attitude so you know your -- have a bit and of course talent and I think -- you are definitely the front runners and the viewers definitely pick up on that. Now earlier we didn't mention these reports -- that Lindsay Lohan was posing for Playboy. Now everyone's assuming that she's only doing this for the money is that you are there other reasons behind us we'll let -- Lindsay Lohan was on the fast track to a huge Hollywood career she was making millions and millions of dollars at one point and they were saying that she was you know the next Merrill street. Now she doesn't have that income coming in so and million dollars is a lot of money for anybody and especially Lindsay Lohan. I also think that she has horrible advisors. Who are telling her that this is a good idea that somehow old put her back -- -- you you know the cultural zeitgeist in a way that's not all about her for her eyes. You know court problems. But I just think this is a horrible idea and you know again it's just one more thing in -- career Lindsay Lohan that we are discussing kind of -- Why is she doing -- is it true that at least for the short term there are no more acting offers out there -- Lindsay. No sources are telling me that the act -- and jobs have dried up but she's at you know she's been asked to pose for. Clothing lines overseas. And He saw some of that you know in the press recently and that she is -- in demand. Not in America but she's trying to get herself back in front. The American audience in May be saying listen I'm still here are still relevant but I just don't think this is the right way. Can give everyone out messages -- Wright is like putting her -- a very different path what I think is likely to happen going forward after she does and plant life. You know I think we're going to be talking about it you know will be analyzed -- you know their reaction to it. But the only thing I can say that we hope that she gets the help -- it's whether it's you know through substance abuse counseling or through just behavior. -- -- She is very counted and I've been talking about her for years yet and it's really true she is very talented but at this point should be -- looked like bill Lindsay Lohan that we felt love -- and -- certainly doesn't act like that's right -- only hope that she comes back around Amy Palmer from -- allowed dot com thank you so much for joining us today thanks for having --

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{"id":14811468,"title":"Maks Gets Mad On 'DWTS'","duration":"4:41","description":"Amy Palmer breaks down the latest 'Dancing' drama.","url":"/Entertainment/video/maks-mad-dwts-14811468","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}