Cotillard on Her American Transformation

French actress on learning English and working with some of America's top talent
8:26 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for Cotillard on Her American Transformation
Okay. Well I had heard that back in 2007 when of the young rose was down that you didn't have a lot of English. I yet now I didn't. So in that time. You not only have it but you can act in it with eats it seems to me -- that -- what do you what did you do -- -- as. It's still a lot of work and I still have a lot of work and and sometimes. I feel that I could have worked more and I could be more comfortable with the English. But first of -- I love this language so well it's easier when you -- something to learn it. And then also. In would have been when Mike Hillman. And where and when I worked with my command he I had to really work on the accent -- begins public enemies and -- and so I spent like four months. Working on it every day with my dialect coach and down and so I improved a lot -- And I and still improving. -- down. Well knowing Michael man he's like a general and way so I think he'd be watching to see fewer. Yes I loved working -- him I loved working with him and I love working with people who vote push him UB on the New -- minutes. Well that's what happens you have. The Oscar we now all know this and then you do some Hollywood films you do some big giant wants like public -- -- You worked with Christopher -- twice in inception and most recently in Dark Knight rises. -- different about this. Big Hollywood movie compared to the smaller movies that you had made in France with the exception maybe of taxes it is. When I asked this question like what it is to be -- -- -- huge studio movie with. People saying that it's kind of -- big machine with. No humanity and it that and but it working with Chris mountainous very special because -- he's like an independent -- -- Doing huge movies directing huge movies and on his set. It's still this -- and creating eighty. An independent. Might not be the right wired but it's. He's -- true artist he's not. He's involved and in every step up that that the project he writes he heat -- -- heat. So. So I guess it's it's nothing to compare with like a big Hollywood studio movie because -- because of ten. Yeah -- him but. You do a musical like nine. Rod -- -- -- You know had at least it's that was -- -- to do music called cell Anthony's I couldn't believe that I would. Actually doing music especially with Rob Marshall he's a nice drive musicals. And you have huge musical numbers you know -- -- My husband makes movies I remember you doing bio slash have gotten nominated again for that apparently. But it wasn't really really amazingly good performance in this be -- thing. But we also see working in movies with film makers like what do you when you do in the past has to be -- different experience than Chris Nolan. Except the two minute. Yes to yes. My commitment is the same and that's what I love about this job is that you can go from. The world. To another. With the vision of a very Brady and direct her to another invasion of that there another very brilliant director. And I obviously very lacking about. This amazing directives when some team to work with. -- not just filmmaker not the director but when we see you then seemed to be working with all the major Hollywood leading man. What a satellite is that do you have any sense of intimidation. In this business at all or do you as an actor to say this is a job and I'm in -- do. Unknown react I was very intimidated but then that then he's top working at getting to the war -- and Madden. And it becomes easy because all those people are so talented and generous to you forget about. Being intimidated and needs -- -- he had dived into the water. So this work was always something in your head even as a child mean you grew up with parents who -- in this. Business. When I was a kid and I wanted to be an -- some and I wanted to do many things and I realized that. The best way to explore. A lot of jobs or a lot of things -- a lot of he's human beings is to be an actress because -- will. You know you will get to learn a lot of things you will get to -- how to dance Manhattan news. -- Learn how to train whales. I'm also fascinated with you musically. Not only do I think that it nine that you saying those numbers really well -- that you Dunn Beatty with costly Workman. -- that -- haven't come. Quietly come to you and say man and I want you to do the video. Now well. I met. With him I'm I'm a huge fan of his music began. He worked with some friends of mine. And so I got to meet with him and and then. He asked me to be part of things music CDO and I loved it I love this song. I -- I love this artist. But music is a very big part of my life and and I have a lot of friends or musicians. And Madden and this is this is -- worlds where IA yeah. Where you can expressing motions and in different ways. You have five minutes to tennis tore me and dad and the -- -- -- -- -- As I go one day less -- yeah yeah yeah. It's all happening -- -- I mean I work for Rolling Stone which is a music magazine to music is always -- it and when guests come on the show. Before we end I always ask them to seeing a snippet of something that means something to. I mean it could be something you did before or something we have a baby now. So maybe it's something you -- to abate maybe it's something that's just in your head. One thing you didn't -- the tiniest little bit of sense. And your fearless. Why you're fearless. In honor and I don't care what you're saying you're doing with. -- do it nobody can do these things Washington. I think Elvis to my son he. -- -- Just the -- tiny little bit I'll take my -- -- insane. Omni. Ration. That. King. Pong room in. When you. That's the most wonderful thing in the world and I bet he smiles -- -- -- he needs your feet eight. OK the hard part is over I think -- song asking should there be so ignorant --

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{"id":17905414,"title":"Cotillard on Her American Transformation","duration":"8:26","description":"French actress on learning English and working with some of America's top talent","url":"/Entertainment/video/marion-cotillard-rapid-transition-american-cinema-17905414","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}