Matt LeBlanc on 'Bizarre' Globes Win

ABC News' Sheila Marikar talks with "Episodes" star about Golden Globe win.
2:44 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Matt LeBlanc on 'Bizarre' Globes Win
And the Golden Globe goes to. Matt LeBlanc. Matt LeBlanc congratulations -- -- -- after being in the business -- If this pretty good this is -- go around this. One. Kind of bummed that the -- -- win but I don't think this is anxious with the issue providers. And the whole past. -- -- Did you -- -- -- -- -- him Steve can arrived yesterday have been in London since October's shooting season two and yes we've -- back to him. As we -- those shootings and can't stay with. You know the first season there was a lot of exposition -- -- -- the world those characters live in. The world -- the stage is set so -- -- -- know a lot less exposition and everybody's off the movies. It's kind of crazy this it's bigger faster fun. -- It's in -- that means -- that much different from you know. You can't act like and a bad parts -- adding an. Awful person. Mind tricks of the trade yes can't -- -- -- but the character on the show. And it's not leaving. If you from the fact that Hussein making -- -- but it's more about the public's perception of celebrity's. Then it is. My life so we take the public's perception of celebrity and kind of twisted -- it to whatever we need to make it into to make this show work. And its -- work. So what it's been a lot of -- What do you think a perception that -- and they just and it's funny. That's a very bizarre. Thing you can follow news -- I think. He in this it is just. And I'm very flattered -- -- -- -- so -- Six. We take pride you work you work hard and you learn from mistakes and you move on on the -- And that's and the roads -- So that's sort of try to do this and take with me and my theories. News --

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{"id":15379891,"title":"Matt LeBlanc on 'Bizarre' Globes Win","duration":"2:44","description":"ABC News' Sheila Marikar talks with \"Episodes\" star about Golden Globe win.","url":"/Entertainment/video/matt-leblanc-shocking-globes-win-15379891","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}