Broderick Back as Ferris Bueller?

The actor appears in Super Bowl ad that references his 1980s movie.
0:35 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Broderick Back as Ferris Bueller?
Matthew Broderick government of the classic my name Ferris dealers today off and apparently some lives have emerged on YouTube where he made me get a Super Bowl commercial coming up on the -- the kind of mimics a very famous scene from the movie take a look at the clip. How can I handle work day like today. That America and we don't know what. At what he may be helping to advertise or whatever but it it mimics that -- for the movie where it had opened the -- his cabinet possibly expected to handle school they like this has been updated -- the -- love -- love that movie.

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{"id":15455084,"title":"Broderick Back as Ferris Bueller?","duration":"0:35","description":"The actor appears in Super Bowl ad that references his 1980s movie.","url":"/Entertainment/video/matthew-broderick-back-as-ferris-bueller-15455084","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}