Meet the Bad Guy of Latest 'Mission Impossible'

Michael Nyqvist talks about the pitfalls of fighting with Tom Cruise in "MI:4"
4:57 | 12/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet the Bad Guy of Latest 'Mission Impossible'
Four of us for -- the remains behind. It was safe house -- support works trash. -- -- -- To mess -- was valuable information. We come back -- -- target. We don't come. That's the -- right -- Mission Impossible ghost protocol one of the most anticipated movies of the holiday season. It opens everywhere December 21 and the bad guy that Tom Cruise is after is played by Swedish actor Michael Knight quit and we are thrilled. That with us here today Michael thanks for eyewitness thank you very much so you're obviously playing going up against Tom -- scared they're a pretty bad guy you got here -- without giving way to watch the movie what's what's the end game for your care. The testing is very intelligent -- -- -- cost okay. -- and he sees. Very dangerous -- okay and evidently it aside from the meant so conflict that goes under the lot of physical contact only he studied boxing. Now crews who doesn't lot of his own work a lot of his own stuff as well did you guys get into a little bit any any problems on the set. -- -- To do this I have to do some MMA on boxing -- -- object -- With tall. What he does everything all right right. We had -- long sequence -- I think truthfully I don't know -- -- -- home. And I spoke to the first tape. -- -- -- The first his not exactly the way what is and director of screaming -- -- drink my actors so authentic and the -- if you look at the area broken -- Get the award for about it now and everything else that and that no other no other it was easier -- they do it. You know if they go for awhile and it's amazing share some of this -- I understand are afraid of heights. Yes how was that -- -- because I understood -- -- heights an affair yeah. Dad. One -- Thomas -- what's what's the subtext -- In this team that's. I don't want to -- it is -- with the deficit at the center hot hot so how do you overcome that live in the affiliate here if you really look at your fear in the face and you gotta do it for the camera I said to myself like this is -- big -- for -- enough for mankind. I think -- at. A personal -- -- -- -- some of it you've got dozens of credits in Europe we've we're you've done most of your work now. Here stateside now obviously getting a much bigger presence. What's it like and -- play the Villanova Tom Cruise movie mean to you afraid of anyhow typecasting -- like a lot of I'm not afraid of it but. Pakistan -- curia macular sector -- plain bad guys -- -- office. -- thing and it's just good or bad rules. Minerals like cabinet has Eisenberg that we. Final of course playing with -- Great act of two. It was it was just great what one of the huge -- that you played was in the millennium trilogy Steve Larson's you know. Com and hugely successful. It. Now they've got the American remake claimed by Daniel Craig which opens up everywhere it and that I'm I'm curious what I think going to be watching to see what he does as opposed to which you did. I've -- accused two. -- down in in Stockholm assets which ought to take James Bond -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- I have -- listen to that. He said now -- the powers that of course. That's a tough when you get after that but he's a great great actors temperatures -- -- -- and I didn't mind that we -- hours and what we have I think but the stories to model these the -- society that would I -- into it. And of what I think. -- -- what I could think if an American -- version moment could be more. The -- and the things -- booked their guys and guys it's taking -- up a little bit and I am so so what's next we have in the works. I have not a secret stuff OK here you can give us a little bit a little -- of -- -- -- It. The right to my second book that I can tell can currently stuck on an attempt to know about them before and yet they get the lawyers involved add one -- and then they stand right right exactly what congratulations they continued success to you thank -- and Michael backers of course thanks for being with us here. Mission Impossible ghost protocol it opens in theaters everywhere December 3 21 -- Best of -- thank you thank you violence.

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{"id":15190908,"title":"Meet the Bad Guy of Latest 'Mission Impossible'","duration":"4:57","description":"Michael Nyqvist talks about the pitfalls of fighting with Tom Cruise in \"MI:4\" ","url":"/Entertainment/video/meet-bad-guy-latest-mission-impossible-15190908","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}