Mel Gibson Baby Rumors

Actor's ex-girlfriend, reality TV star Laura Bellizzi, is pregnant.
0:34 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Mel Gibson Baby Rumors
Star Magazine is reporting that this reality star Laura -- easy. Who's 35 years old she was in a show called secrets of Aspen whenever that was back in -- she's saying their friends have told -- of hers have told Star Magazine she's pregnant and the baby's daddy. It is a mail in. It gives and that both the woman and -- -- denying this these are friends -- Star Magazine so -- CL -- plays out but now the rumors and maybe it's his baby she's about four months along. And he isn't what the news to go public -- his ninth child I -- -- stay away from Mel Gibson is only hateful but fertile land.

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{"id":14924525,"title":"Mel Gibson Baby Rumors","duration":"0:34","description":"Actor's ex-girlfriend, reality TV star Laura Bellizzi, is pregnant.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mel-gibson-baby-rumors-14924525","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}