From Mel to Music: Mel Gibson's Ex-Wife Moves On With Her Life

Oksana Grigorieva talks life after Mel and is set to release new dance album.
3:21 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for From Mel to Music: Mel Gibson's Ex-Wife Moves On With Her Life
She was all over the tabloids a few years ago for her very public split with acts Mel Gibson but now Oksana Gregorian buys back in the headlines. Only this time for her music you may not know this about the striking model. But she can really sing take a listen. -- -- Yeah. Beautiful her new album is called loved to dance and it's coming out in June her single party comes out in a few weeks. So please welcome Oksana Victoria -- Thank you so much for being here thank you -- mainly tanyon congratulations. On your new album you have such a lovely boy basically we're trained as a kid pianists -- that -- to alert us trains. Change his account plans classical piano thing. And how long you also been saying and actually have been singing needed -- sixteen. It's so yeah very long time the afternoon. It nice to be getting some recognition now for something other than your -- your past relationship. Aaron. Well it's it's always -- to share -- arts and that's that's the product have you sold since it was lovely to -- -- This and see what they think of it that and I and how did this album come Q what was your inspiration. You know -- -- it was an inspired by way and this is and you period in all my life right now and ands. Music and arts it's always been my salvation and where rankings strength what inspires me and I have two passions -- -- music and -- And that's kind of combine them this is a -- record -- produced roots. -- -- -- -- -- -- content I have the he has got -- and an option. A little bit. That's some aggression and son Russian and spoken Russian and it ends trying to combine 22 cultures and you -- you trained as a dancer as well obviously had this incredible training as a musician. Well I wouldn't and I was -- a little bit but I was very young and I didn't have a ballet school and the town where I was had to be taking to. Some Petersburg that it was so far went up my mom brought me back and it became musician and began musician now of course you have a very young daughter yourself as well that she show any of these artistic inclination. Both my children do that here is -- very musically inclined on the -- -- -- person because they give me inspiration. My -- thanks to be a mom actually. Now 100. Can and held Missouri you have a -- daughter and years fifteen year old son that's yet underfunded team. Donna thank you so much for talking NAN -- continues to fast.

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{"id":19025377,"title":"From Mel to Music: Mel Gibson's Ex-Wife Moves On With Her Life","duration":"3:21","description":"Oksana Grigorieva talks life after Mel and is set to release new dance album.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mel-music-mel-gibsons-wife-oksana-grigorieva-moves-19025377","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}