Captivating Coverage: The Most Memorable Televised Moments

Television united viewers to watch some of the most gripping moments in recent history.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for Captivating Coverage: The Most Memorable Televised Moments
Television has the capacity to give us some kind of to make us feel. That we -- one country and no matter what I individual beliefs. We I unite and. There appears to have been a very serious accident involving the Space Shuttle Challenger. When this explosion. And depressing couldn't believe guys we thought maybe it was supposed to be -- and then we realized it wasn't supposed to -- The worst disaster in the history of the American space program President Reagan has declared a week of mourning much of. Back customer. Schoolteacher. Who is not an astronaut and she was dying so she could explain to school children I love -- -- what. It was something that I always. Ask my students you know to going to seeing whenever they feel they can do when you reach a little higher. She's personified for us the tragedy and from then on we never felt something. -- And we knew. I think again. Assessment. Inauguration days and especially this week. That this was -- to its Barack Hussein Obama phones. Middle of the -- school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Depressed and confused then came this young man. It's faster. But. In just. Now -- stronger and can be broken you know. -- -- -- And when they watch -- pencil him smile. Boy and it was a freezing day by the way. That was something. Time and that she felt about this country if you weren't in Washington you are watching -- setback. In the seventh and -- this. Reunite. And. And I want all I -- -- I haven't -- for. I remember the moon landing primarily because I was with my one year old -- 1960s. And this is history is happening that this would they be trivialized. Record setting up -- -- out. You're probably only -- mama don't have TV coverage of -- It was an event that tied -- -- country together yeah. I -- and I sat out we've had a lot of very difficult things going on in the sixties we had done. And the assassination of John Kennedy we had to riots we had discontent we have the Vietnam War and we had the space and. And Neil and buzz the president of the United States would like this who -- -- over. Every advocate good have to -- -- crowded -- of our lives. We had accomplished something but no one else under certain if it happens in this uniform and -- later. Hope and happiness. Didn't last we had to -- From Dallas Texas the flash apparently official. President Kennedy died at 2 o'clock eastern standard time. Some 38 minutes ago. It was a day I'm thinking. I was a writer at the time that the assassination of John Kennedy. And it was the first time that I was on -- -- they needed manpower so desperately. To try to tell the story it was so difficult for me to talk myself. Because. I was just so overwhelmed. By what had happened if I feel 36. That is because I had just left. The last time. This was the fist time that we had really seen television. Take over a major event. As ghastly fastest time wise as horrific. As -- It was also a time when television perhaps the country to dad we DREAM Act as one people. This is at the World Trade Center there is one report as of yet unconfirmed that a plane. Has hit of the World Trade Center black. Much of the country I was at home -- the planes -- I didn't have too much time to collect my own thoughts I had a job to do. That adjectives and knocked. Him. I was assigned to wind and they -- which was a very famous restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center. I talk -- to to -- -- name is Michael Monaco who should've been working that morning -- had an eye doctor's appointment to the base of the building didn't isn't it terrible state of shock. Because he knew that he should have been there and probably would -- again and when did you know that something had actually. Look back it hit my building. And -- saw the that the destruction of the central part of the building and I just thought -- all of my people are up there. I talked to. Family this husband's kidnappers and their wives and their wives came -- and -- where's my has been it was of course a time of terrible. Confusion and such safe child he's really Smart. Anybody could get out it would be him -- -- final -- this man. 73 employees. Of windows on the world lost their lives. And anyone who was speaking there. That morning.

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{"id":17264714,"title":"Captivating Coverage: The Most Memorable Televised Moments","duration":"3:00","description":"Television united viewers to watch some of the most gripping moments in recent history.","url":"/Entertainment/video/memorable-televised-moments-17264714","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}