Don't Mess With Daryl

Norman Reedus on his outsider role in "The Walking Dead."
5:05 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Don't Mess With Daryl
CNN until they hit zombie drama the walking dead premiered last night as usual the man known as -- was right in the middle of the accident with -- -- -- and -- -- -- to have the actor who portrays -- Norman read -- here with us today so. Mr. -- due to a huge star people love you on it -- about your character -- on interesting -- not the most popular. I'm he's -- -- -- by the with a group but he's he's the kind of guy that can protect you can hunt for his own food. He sort of in his element when fighting the -- and so forth but he's not emotionally instead stable like I keep telling -- -- -- Is that He had it needs a hug when John the most artists that you it's really -- would -- -- -- means hot and that's his problem. Well I mean is one of his many problems but he's not very socially and any one of the most important people in the group as far as hunters hunting goes right. Right when He hunts with a crossbow so it's quiet and efficient. But he's he's definitely a viable member -- Cross there's nothing cooler than that killing zombies with across that you cannot let cool across -- do you enjoy it I love it is my favorite job. He recently -- you told me actually right before we start taping it and every character you play you killed somebody is -- At least one. I mean at least one person that's -- -- is that like in your contract. -- monkeys and we do a nice little romantic comedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt and my mom into oblivion -- wounds -- He wanted to. Yeah maybe maybe maybe maybe name pox -- And you send us a twelve year old son and eleven -- this show idea Disney's main news and He wants to last night at a friend's house with you I was woman like this become Watson and the influence of the real scared. He was a little scared but it will come of this morning and you know to from the school announcement He had nightmares -- the city did any -- -- Guess who loved in Austin. My dad's pretty darn cool again he's getting props from the -- kids in his school because -- they really like the characters who -- -- -- -- -- -- the bodies -- the school I see that. Aren't -- season to started last night and people fans going crazy over this do you follow him. The fans at all do you follow the message -- what they're saying about the show. Yes -- sometimes and it there's so many messages voice -- it's hard to keep it and we did -- -- live sort of on online thing and I tried to read. It you know the comments that they were just moving so fast that in there's a lot and focus but what happens with -- and -- there. You get to -- to find element about his back story and what makes him so angry and you know growing up with a Big Brother -- moral on the shows just. The worst kind of person. He unity can imagine him isolated and not really being able to expressed himself in and get along with of the people who -- forming allies -- Can we wouldn't necessarily see him forming allies was on the show and and He seemed taking leadership roles by himself and really going -- and you know on missions -- doing things his way so. Is it is an interest in minutes -- Speaking of tomorrow the Big Brother is He going to reappear that's what everyone wants to know in this season does He come back I can't tell you -- -- my bosses we -- -- Didn't -- is on the okay -- TV continued on that. -- trainer. They comic book Robert Hartman said that this season amongst all. The shots are much grayer than ever we interviewed John Burns all your colleague last week He agreed. What would you say about the gore. I think -- we have Greg nieto who does our special effects and you know he's an Emmy award winning genius of that movement that thing about. How He makes as zombies it's easy to see the president of the zombies -- -- on some things He decides to show that. Human that was once their sense -- there's a sadness there. News world some. Infections. That have really anticipated. This is a lot more complicated than just shootings on isn't it -- -- it's it's sort of like. The -- are really the. The threat and they -- but it's -- of you -- next June weakened from allies within who's gonna mess you over to get ahead and you know Mimi for dead -- you know -- these type groups of people trying to survive like this all these different emotions and situations happen within the group that's it's pretty. Consider some universal themes that sort of go on a business as well I'm just curious if you're a fan of comic books in a foreign movies -- -- -- -- What I mean you know -- George Romero phones and you know certain comic books I didn't really know this comic -- when I started and I got into once I got the job when -- About has been a fan of -- films and I like sort of offbeat horror films like attack of the colossal man in this -- -- -- woman and you know strange stuff like that and. Killer tomatoes have have been -- like an -- Will the walking dead it airs this Sunday -- on Nancy Norman read this thank you so much for your time he's in his congratulations I asked to thank you so much and it's been fun and.

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{"id":14755283,"title":"Don't Mess With Daryl","duration":"5:05","description":"Norman Reedus on his outsider role in \"The Walking Dead.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/mess-daryl-14755283","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}