Michael Jackson's Unheard Pranks, Fun

Frank Cascio on the silly pranks he and the pop star played.
5:56 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson's Unheard Pranks, Fun
Michael who was a father. And mentor. And brother. And friend. Michael who's a -- -- the world for so long. Michael Jackson Wisconsin. -- -- Michael Jackson's closest confidants and life was frank casts his new book my friend Michael is an unprecedented look at the real Michael Jackson. -- conducted a series of interviews with frank someone who was probably closer to Michael and his own family. First up the fun times. Franks -- from the beginning how that you and Michael me. I was four years old my father. Was the general manager of the Helmsley palace hotel in New York City. And became friendly. With Michael Jackson so one day my father tells me. It's gonna take -- to work -- been introduced me to his friend his name was Michael Jackson. And no idea who Michael Jackson was initially -- some lessons on what matters to the mall and says hi I'm Michael. For the hi I'm frank. And the rest is history. And he became incredibly close over the years how -- that relationship develop. Well it evolved over the course of the years and you know the relationship became stronger and stronger. When he was in New York could go visit him at the hotel and but Michael -- infamous for randomly showing up at our house late at night -- be sleeping and and there -- one time he shows up -- the house. And I woke up with it should -- in my -- I was sleeping with another streaming and then. Phillips turn on and -- -- Brothers. If you shouldn't jump to wake him up over issues like startled. Himself and then we look over and and he seemed like left in the -- Beginning in his very addictive -- -- when he stressed laughingly for the whole room just us you know it was Michael sort of the legendary problems. Talk about Michael as silly as his child like humor has the practical jokes that he plays like. Giving some -- what was -- tampons as a present. Vote. You know for Chris as soon as that was a lot of fun because. On Christmas as we -- just always constantly playing practical jokes on it was primarily between him -- and I because we have to open up. The presence in front of afterward. So. -- threat against big box and -- -- from garbage and it tells just some random. Things that you could ever be embarrassed to open in front of anybody. And they'll be my Christmas present to him you see an opening up oh thank you so much has really really really really needed this. And Clinton he came to your house in New Jersey. And clean house have had about half. So he would. -- would cost you though is -- at my house in New Jersey that was like his safe haven where if you wanted to get away from everybody you know knowing no where he is. Come to New Jersey and you know that was the stated -- really really comfortable there. So we would go to school in the morning. And then -- have Michael and my mother. Her mother was there at the time -- have Michael helping my mother in the house in fact doing the rooms fixing the beds. And it assists and come home from school and -- fixture bit today. You know I I vacuum your room you listen really sloppy you've got -- -- take better care -- so you can expect your mother constantly coming and clean up after you. It's another time. This is really funny. -- we were in the south of France. We were staying in the hotel had to -- 3 o'clock in the morning because frank look at this people down there they're eating dinner. I think -- equipment -- in south of France they go to 6 o'clock in the morning so. -- I have an idea. He's running -- the -- Just to get this bucket camps -- everything -- -- that have filling -- with water. What are you gonna do what you get these people. And he's like a little kid doing is what he knows he's doing something she -- some things. And then. We looked down with people -- Or people's that it was all for being with and easily -- actually crawling and it is like. All of its vehicles all -- the people everything that anyone have any idea -- I don't. That is -- these pictures. -- going in nineteen. Michael would -- -- -- What what comes back to mind. -- in this position. -- -- -- -- -- Michael and that is what Protestant social -- you know from my book -- signal -- -- -- -- -- the channel four news. So -- -- only half asleep it. -- That trip and the -- and have to sleep in this country. But that was when it was like surprises wake up. Even now. And that's what many episodes so special thing. So after wallowing through the -- -- -- -- like. Late at night but when times for a Halloween time. -- -- -- trick or truth. Halloween today is it. You know Francis -- and you know this is scrutinized says here's the men went out of his way travel from New York City. 45 minutes just -- -- house's sale.

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{"id":14985074,"title":"Michael Jackson's Unheard Pranks, Fun","duration":"5:56","description":"Frank Cascio on the silly pranks he and the pop star played.","url":"/Entertainment/video/michael-jacksons-unheard-pranks-fun-14985074","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}