Bachmann's Word Association Quiz

"The View" discusses GOP candidate's humorous responses on "Jimmy Fallon."
1:40 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Bachmann's Word Association Quiz
You watch Michelle Bachmann. That lesson on what what what she is on with -- -- -- -- -- Alan Alan Alan. I only. Yeah yeah. He didn't one of these things what you said you have to give an -- and want to win one red and she may not be up and appalled but she was terrific association. British sensation it. -- -- Romney. Care. -- -- -- -- More than one where you have another one vice president. Okay. -- Not one word and I -- do three things. We have -- governor. Texas. Obama. Finished -- President. She is hopes for rob and Rick Perry her entire career is -- isn't -- -- is -- -- I let -- know listen I thought that was it I thought I was very good -- good -- -- -- wet what more would you associated yet Michelle Bachmann. Aren't mine I don't think had the thing. I'm voting -- and I'll stop. Now. I'm -- she looked. Fantastic pat is that she's gorgeous -- pretty but she's not presidential material I'm sorry she's not a.

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{"id":15007369,"title":"Bachmann's Word Association Quiz","duration":"1:40","description":"\"The View\" discusses GOP candidate's humorous responses on \"Jimmy Fallon.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/michele-bachmanns-political-word-association-jimmy-fallon-15007369","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}