Miriam Shor Is the Bad Girl of 'GCB'

The actress talks about the ladies of ABC's new show, "Good Christian Belles."
1:40 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Miriam Shor Is the Bad Girl of 'GCB'
You may know her from -- town are HBO's Mildred pierce but now the very accomplished Marion shore is becoming a good Kristen Bell. Starring in the ABC comedy and GC meet take -- Look. Picked -- the ball yep she tackles I Haskell. Not apple straight -- -- How Mandela then it's just -- -- -- but we should affairs took her clothes fit you'll do this to his family such potentially. I have Mary in Britain and how to talk about it welcome Mary and he did -- mean didn't -- you really. Does. -- -- Well and it looked a little bit -- Desperate Housewives and little bit mean yeah -- that and then it's in Texas which is its own -- you know -- I mean I mean little I think the women of Dallas are. Are larger than life in a great way and I think I think the writers. By hiring news and writers I mean really knows how to write -- when he wrote. Stealing only in writing this isn't over the top canopy and you know an integrated plan and night and -- and -- and you know we went to Dallas to shoot the pilot. But I'm really happy we didn't shoot the shown island -- that the first episode was shot in Dallas and which allowed me to do some research can -- them Yankee and a new Yorker. So wasn't too familiar. And it's really astonishing because first of all truth is stranger than fiction and reality is weirder than anything you can think apparently happened ballot that that's just part of the -- well these particular women and this is a very specific area -- Dallas Highland Park and we went there and it's astonishing obviously not everybody's like this big cars yet the bigger. They're ashamed to break it -- -- and -- your -- cricket because she's written power. Cricket -- -- I don't think I can say her name I think in time she's the kind of person you introduces herself with her own right. Very very powerful woman in Dallas. Owns -- many businesses that multimillionaire. And has worked her way to that place in society and it's fiercely protective -- so -- threatened by hello Aaron -- -- I mean -- high school together and you know hundred certain level. It back -- haunt people for their entire lives who anywhere in high school and what you had to fight against in high school and Amanda meet her life miserable and ligaments in her days -- stolen boyfriend not her best. And that's that's so when she comes back in town this careful this house of cards that cricket has built percent this delicate. It's -- balance that she created where she is on top and Carolina -- and tenants characters well. They they sort of share that. Is threatened by her and and so we can only imagine the clause we'll come home yet but under -- guise of sweet sugary yes exactly. Yeah I mean that the -- -- weapons around him at arm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I -- so much -- but it really is like an armored if they clinic going into battle -- so much. This. Charlotte based on a book with the that's what we're not going to. That ultimate question here and he ends of the -- and -- -- -- and -- you read the book I hadn't had and I started to view. Because that the series is actually based on the book but it is not. The book itself if it -- -- use that -- kind of jumping off points -- started to read it. And I thought you know characters -- just different enough that I kind of although -- -- me. I kind of like a -- -- get confused by this but Kim the Ryder was there with us. She's delightfully in a wonderful characters felt so. It was kind of great to get to meet her and her friends and use them and -- happy with -- in hopes I mean I really don't think. And honestly were pointing to a lot of hypocrisy is duplicitous news that is in this particular society. That is in every society I think on -- -- so. But I I think there's also kind of a great love for these women that the writers really Brington and I hope we Huntington's it's just -- -- It look like I'm -- and best of luck with the theory thank you so much for coming from Connecticut and TCB airs Sunday on ABC be sure to check.

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{"id":15835930,"title":"Miriam Shor Is the Bad Girl of 'GCB'","duration":"1:40","description":"The actress talks about the ladies of ABC's new show, \"Good Christian Belles.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/miriam-shor-bad-girl-gcb-15835930","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}