MLB player Mark Melancon discusses his daughter's battle with rare illness

ABC News' Michael Rothman talks to San Francisco Giants pitcher Mark Melancon about his daughters fight with phenylketonuria (PKU).
9:30 | 05/09/17

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Transcript for MLB player Mark Melancon discusses his daughter's battle with rare illness
I'm Mike Rothman and we are joined today by Markel and send the all star closer for the San Cisco giants. And you're gonna play obviously the Mets this week they are also here for a much more important reason. Raising awareness for. DK you and I'm not gonna try to pronouncing because. This is a serious thing. It's fennel cut its own area. He was a stick to pick. 88 I apologize correct. Obviously your dog ate your youngest daughter Alan deals with ants obviously means a lot TU. He tells more about. When you found out and what it means and and what it means to other parents who have children's that are dealing with this condition. Sure. Every child in the US is screens right at birth so we were my wife and I work. About two weeks out of having her Allah we found out that she had PKU disease and obviously we had no idea what it was. And the doctors there called us consummated out to be this. Hill. It did you scare my wife so bad that she was crying could even get the words out of her mouth to me when it's on thinking you know. Death and a few weeks from our newborn but so come to find out it is a manageable. Disease. It's. PKU isn't gene defects. That. It helps create the gene is supposed to help create an enzyme to break down an amino acid called penal colony. And because of that defects she's not able to produce evidence. And stay for the buildup of fetal Alan mean. Can lead to. Brain disorders and even death so fortunately. We are surrounded by great doctors and and have a lot of good resource is that. You know I've kept us in check in and teach us how to monitor these things but there's a lot of people that. Don't have these great resources and underprivileged people they. You know we're trying to raise awareness for and you know so they can take battle for this thing like we are. I'm glad he's here in and you say it's so eloquently and and and better than I could say describing it has. It's good to raise awareness because honestly as you mentioned. To be nice doctors don't always have the best bedside manner that in a very direct very blunt. But as you said it I was reading up on in and you can live a normal life there's there's things you have to do just. I think one was dietary were you know res. Susan supplements what what what else can yes of the the biggest thing is. Monitoring of the fruit I mean Allah is not allowed to have protein. So all her protein I mean you have to approach in the live but altered protein is in the form of supplement. And they take out that one amino acid which is being on mean. And they just take that out so now she is is left with the rest of them amino acids for her pro team but it's all. It's all supplement it and and we have to monitor everything goes in her body in. You know when she gets older she'll have to be discipline. And understand the ramifications if she strays. And we just saw picture of her and and your dog you you have I let's say that's. If three beautiful Kate thank you. Your oldest daughter obviously became an Internet sensation that's years ago at the all star game. She is almost like a Riley curry kind of moment I was lots that's adorable. Your son Jackson at a third birthday partner acts. Those courses and yeah we get to go right horses. He wanted to be on a horse so my body has horses and be you have to override him it was the best there ever for him. And with Ella interacting with you know with her brother or sister does this change anything or it's mostly just about die and being normal. Or is it just that that's really it. I guess that if if you keep the diet in check that is the biggest thing and my wife is it is wonderful she does a great job of you know while I'm not there she's able to really. Keep and I around her and Hannity young age is probably easier. But like its status as the kid gets older lost. Be it another birthday party here you know eat cake here you know there's so many things that have fetal mouse mean. She's gonna have to learn quickly Elvis on how to monitor her own food that must be hard for you to be away from them when you're traveling in and and playing baseball. Is she able to kind of calm. To visit sometimes if you say you're in New York. Come out here is I again indicted so strict. I'm eyes you're talking on learning to as this is this very inch independent here in infants and glad that we're having this discussion yet. Should be able to do everything that a normal person will do you wouldn't even know that she had this PKU disease but. You know like I said if if things that fetal Allen in builds up too much and her body can't break it down. And the brain disorders occur hands and it's obviously. That is very serious and don't want that to happen but fortunately she can live a normal life she can be a normal kid. There's no there's no balm. You know obvious things he would ever see hear and she may not even know if she so accustomed to eating these foods but. That's on us as parents to make sure that we keep her organized it. And discipline and being of an overlay of what what it would issue like earlier hits like I mean there'll have show they have their different personalities and write a funny quirks and yeah you know we wouldn't like well Brooklyn who human. And early in the fight ago he is. She is just like my wife full of energy and life and just the other day she was onstage at at a theater. From my sister in law and she's seeing in the wanna. Belting it out from all the kids at that and the kids started singing with her but she said guys this is my song I'm seeing it stop. And so she took over the stage. That five and I wish I had a video to show you that's just her to a Tina Jack. He's full of energy and he's he's in that's Pataki mode right now everything. And the funnies thing that he continues to ask me daddy can I tell you question that it had structured Jackie can tell me question. And then Alice she's she's just clean on day whatever those two are Dylan she's she's full of energy. And you know workers atlas. Have her. Or that I was always used to when I talk to. Either actors or athletes anyone in that that that realm and I mean you're one of that the top closers in the game you have been for some quite some time. Are they aware yet of what you do aliens they enjoyed its fight sexy fallen because they can go to games cheer you want obviously we see Brooklyn. Brad Pitt enjoy that right is that some in there just enjoying and just kind of like having a blast with state. They loved Lucille now the mascot for the giants is they love the Perot he's the pro U race in Pittsburgh. So their memories are all about the mascots and when I told him about. You know we're gonna have Lucille at the games and you can go Jack you can you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. That's ought to clear all N Aung San Francisco Giants. They look you're you're loving the bare remnants of beautiful place to live I mean you've been you've lived here drill bit. The Soria prayer now I mean. Give Iraq a rough time New York's beautiful sense is that beautiful or they just you know enjoying an increasing in. I've been fortunate this is my sixth team soft travel around a little bit. But I do you have to say San Francisco is absolutely gorgeous there's so many different climates you can be ten minutes he can be at a different climate. And get a totally different feel you know we've still a city but it's quiet. And if you can avoid traffic you can aren't. And really quick before we go where to talk more about the season two but at the same time. There's a lot of resource for people that want to learn more about PKU. What look who work and they go live there and their sites they can you use or any other resources that the disposal. PKU dot com this is a great resource web site. That you know kind of explains at all won in. Can help us raise awareness. And as it is in so educational and uplifting I don't wanna turn things around too much but. Been a rough year you just joined the giants. I you're big edition and kind of that peace they needed. And that avenue guys turn things around moving forward what what are you looking to do for the rest of the season. Early early yeah you we can only literally car for so long but but lately need to turnaround there's there's no ifs and buts about that that. We have the pieces that you know the guys that are in the clubhouse know how to win. And that's are strongly sat attribute is that it's the skill level in the clubhouse so. It's not a matter of of benefits matter win and once we get them ball roll on its it's going to be fun. Man I guess the question I think that's a perfect perfect note to end it on the positive and took off they be so much for joining us appreciate it and that you guys are joining us as well.

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{"id":47304127,"title":"MLB player Mark Melancon discusses his daughter's battle with rare illness","duration":"9:30","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman talks to San Francisco Giants pitcher Mark Melancon about his daughters fight with phenylketonuria (PKU).","url":"/Entertainment/video/mlb-player-mark-melancon-discusses-daughters-battle-rare-47304127","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}