"Modern Family" Star Eric Stonestreet

The Emmy winner on Thanksgiving traditions and his campaign "Feast For All"
6:47 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for "Modern Family" Star Eric Stonestreet
Eric's -- and street cracks us up every Wednesday night as the dramatic and -- so sensitive cam on the ABC hit comedy modern -- On Wednesday's episode -- penchant for storytelling a -- his partner Mitchell. He thinks -- stretches the truth and campus it's that well here's -- -- You have so many great -- that's farm life -- and there's always a bumper crop stories to understand if you take time to -- -- -- rotates. I think -- -- -- -- six that really happened because people loved us. Excuse you once. And I think people laugh more stores that are true punching -- is true story true Reyes no. True really. Pulling the football field through the sunroof of -- car that was opened in late November. And Missouri it was unseasonably warm explains the fog rolling tobacco and whose comedy. Here close enough to -- quit but mysteriously only peers and this story -- was Qaeda in desert storm he's -- hero. You know all this from someone who's never even choked a pumpkin. And we're so happy to have any winner Harry Spence street. Here with that's Erica it's great to have you thank you reminds them that now funny to see that the timing between you and Jesse -- it's just it's so great is its second nature to them now warns of Celtic not a rehearsal. It takes rehearsal definitely but I think it's death it's. For sure gotten a lot easier between us and the writing you know it's sort -- -- says itself with the writing you know we get those scripts and we're always excited to see. The dialogue between two of us you stick to the -- Northern England for and prod others there's a little room for improbable that more than it is improper it's finding the best line in the situation that -- actually -- a good example. -- once we came up with -- Cody was KI eight in desert storm he's a hero we came up with that in the moment you know that was something that someone threw out and and that wasn't -- in the original script so that's that's a good example it's it's not necessarily. The actor improvising its -- the show -- the producers in the writers all sort of working to make the best of the moment and it's such an amazing passed all the actors seem to just bounce off each other so well yeah we have a good time happy we enjoy each other's performances and we get to watch the show -- fans you know a lot of people would realize that but when we sit down watched show on Wednesday night. With the rest of America I have no idea what Phil and Claire were up too because of what I was just saying which showed changes -- -- of -- so it's fun to watch the show we get a kick out. Watch your -- as well as -- -- -- absolute limits of king to think. Character tells about the preparation ends in Q ha -- well problem. Would not -- whom much is as people would think now like I said you know the words sort of dictate. The character always let them you know -- my hairdo -- helping some without me get into character for sure it's. Sort of a helmet affair. And then there the shirts definitely. Are helpful the cuffs you know and how the cuffs are informants some -- sometimes my hand gestures. And then my issues you know I don't Wear shoes on modern family like I would Wear. Anywhere else and I never Wear my own personal she's on the show that because I wanna feel you know differently and they act act now to get to factory but some you know I do get to play character -- that's that's a real. Great opportunity. Well at least something and content of their character you both grew up in a farm outside Kansas City -- it will cams from Missouri and a lot of people give me trouble about why it's -- from Missouri and are not in Kansas. And I say well if Kim was from Kansas then we would have to trash Kansas now we get to trash Missouri on the economy -- ads like okay now that makes -- So we get to sort of you know shine the spotlight on. The backwoods of Missouri if you will were -- from but yeah I absolutely grew up on -- I don't like a working farm but we -- for H and I had pigs and -- defeat every morning and every day after school. Front you're going directly Thanksgiving -- you're going -- them tomorrow to be their for Thanksgiving and -- in the lights. On the country club plaza it's -- big deal in Kansas City. On Thanksgiving -- going to achieve scheme on Sunday -- -- stadium so I'm excited to get home and see my family and have some. Some down time and what is Thanksgiving like for you. Well you know going home more than just Thanksgiving or Christmas it's it's about relaxing I can disorder. Check out of -- iPhone as much as I can in business in just a paparazzi -- -- behind yeah I don't I don't really have that problem but. You know I can just sort of being myself and you know until I let -- do my laundry for a couple days adds that -- of the great now and -- at Thanksgiving you're working on projects to some sort of spread the word about -- -- -- need some help over Thanksgiving tell us about that yet this year -- -- his moments teamed up with feeding America in what they're gonna do is donate two million meals. To people this holiday season that need -- warm meal. And now all the people viewers have to do watching is go to FaceBook dot com back slash pepto -- And like the page and there's also a feast for all -- they can click on. And that will direct -- to the right place -- sounds confusing it's not confusing they just have to like the button. On the picture of me with Turkey. And in a -- -- -- -- -- donate eight meals for every like. So that he didn't do very easy and this -- you know. The holidays are about helping other people out and you know doing what you can -- -- and we don't all have means to do. Things for each other like -- won two in this is a great opportunity for people to just. Do something very simple and let someone else have to abysmal on this case then do the good for them absolutely -- separate -- what are you -- -- -- -- your Thanksgiving dinner. Well you know -- always on the on the -- somewhere and we always have you'll him -- and I am I have. Regular since humor I am. And -- -- -- and then and I. I'm looking forward to my -- -- dressing is what we called it she's she's passed away memory for lives through. Her recipes and we get to make some of those nights -- This is that she used to make forests around the holiday seasons somewhere and over again absolutely tell us what else we can look forward on modern family besides talk and pumpkin yet but the punk in China's -- And do you know have a Christmas episode rumor on the Christmas holiday that's going to be a really great episode because -- figures out that. None of us are going to be in town when we all thought we were so we have six hours throw together some sort of Christmas celebration. And so Phil comes trademarks the idea. Express Christmas we have to do express Christmas so. You can imagine how troubling. Downhill and yeah I mean how can imagine the trouble we get yourself into with six hours to prepare Christmas celebration we can't wait to see -- -- -- -- thank -- it's very much.

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{"id":15018756,"title":"\"Modern Family\" Star Eric Stonestreet","duration":"6:47","description":"The Emmy winner on Thanksgiving traditions and his campaign \"Feast For All\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/modern-family-star-eric-stonestreet-15018756","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}