Should Movies Show Full-Frontal Nudity?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the need for nudity in entertainment.
3:30 | 02/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Should Movies Show Full-Frontal Nudity?
Yeah okay this isn't fun story actor Ryan Reynolds goes full frontal in the new superhero movie dead poll. Okay. I like hey I know he's coming hot and meet you I'm not kind of you like him. Like you're exceptions like the one guy but he definitely pass usually slow mole full frontal hot it's not just hope I'm glad you're with Adam bonds and else. Instead want guys to do it now I personally do not want to see mr. happy on screen I don't. I've I could imagine what it looks like in its center I really I don't exist. Say it I resent and a lot say it the entire reason I watched game of fronts because it's one of the very few shows on television. That shows male full frontal nude I don't want to say what's your problem because its economic climate and I don't. I'm yeah I think it's spare and let everyone be sound and each of Hispanics and most of them and that getting a cut off but that it. It's not going out but I doubt it if I think it's there I think women initialing herself long enough and let's see what these guys are doing with the Mission Impossible. Don't want to see it yeah I I don't want to see a lot of community I think on television in general and movies I understand when it's part of the this story and that it's really important story like twelve years a sleeping you have the Selena being sold and they're all knew that isn't gratuitous nudity that. Is integral to the story people we want is he lying on gratuitous nudity and I like or it's like weather probably limited Halley Berry got hit it big 500000 dollars to fifty per boob. Tips to bar any new art and he knew it and I just thought it was such a gratuitous scene and she's you know an actress and I I don't I don't and it's a scary I I I find it ends. We would see less nudity all around I remember when. Are you okay I'm yeah right so you have one here who wants to say you know what in Europe they have immunity everywhere and it could very open aim. Loving consonants and there's a lot less anger there because people are less sexually frustrated and we are here in. I think probably at this wet well what does it add to that like if you weren't to take it remove that from the movie now what is it. And what does it add to the drive single slice it adds reality we call every time I get real life I have real like everything up and I know I'm getting to Atlanta. You know I have let it feels like. I'm swim there SI. I not and then but find it a necessary Aaron we watching a movie for nudity or the storyline at if you want it any stand in front of. Near neat and I think I wanna do let her parents didn't go all right. This Powell let you go you go to see a movie to like it taken away some parents or watch TV that's the point it's like. I don't wanna be uncomfortable when nightclub why you don't use your feelings are watching what I offered no Sarah mark and my son Jason Segal the full frontal like pants. I had to do that and so shocked but not automatic came because I admit it was quite Miami in that movie but there are living a dream that you know but that the Miami Italy in May send you guess get. I don't want to say and I as a child ladies to go to the beach. And some old guy at the thing we're just bought a bathing suit. It's like Powell's. Now.

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{"id":36895624,"title":"Should Movies Show Full-Frontal Nudity?","duration":"3:30","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the need for nudity in entertainment. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/movies-show-full-frontal-nudity-36895624","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}