A Muppet of a Man

Jason Segel on reintroducing "The Muppets" to a new generation.
6:28 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for A Muppet of a Man
It's time to play the music it's time to light the lights. You know those -- of course the Muppets are back and all is right in the world thankfully Jason Segal stars in the new film which opens November 23. Now the -- -- have to get back together save their old theater but no one has seen Kermit. In years here now a scene from the Muppets. We thought they were alone said -- and custodians. I'm gonna turn to the ground changed sweet swing in -- saying -- still hobbling and maybe that's just how he sounded in my head. Either way we gotta find Clement you'll know what to do I was kind of permanent -- -- -- -- years. Stop the car and. Can visualize. -- -- -- -- And -- -- the beginning we're happy to have the star in the writer of the Muppets Jason -- here with us tonight Jason thanks for being with things remains very exciting I saw this this lesson I grew up with the Muppets. And I've seen all the Muppet movies and a lot of them come very close to hitting that a -- mark but this one I think nails at the close. Thanks yet you know I just want until Harken back to those late seventies early eighties -- films that we grew up with in the Muppet Show. And and do justice to the legacy that that we grew up with that Jim Henson and Frank Oz in the rest the puppeteers created and I think we've done and we're very conscious of trying to do that. -- -- and I think we should your try to appeal not only to our generations but also to younger generations older generations as well. Did you have any kind of temptation -- remake the -- altogether -- and I think that was sort of the point of why we wanted to make this film is. You know win win mister Henson died in the Muppets sort of changed hands -- handed -- finally in the hands of Disney but. There wasn't a singular vision -- kind of guiding where they were going their trajectory and seem like someone -- Steffan. And -- in this case may be an outsider who just -- of the Muppets from when they grew up. And and try to use that tone as as the guideline for what we -- -- -- who's your favorite. I you know those Chad I think it was cool -- -- -- seem like carpet guy I can answer your answer. But it's Kermit the Frog Andrea Day he's the original every man he is he's Tom Hanks -- that's not a good portrayal right yeah so was he was he easier or more difficult to write for them because you have a kind of connection. He it was daunting to write four look a bit but. It was surprisingly easy because there are things like Herman never lies -- -- never says anything means anyone he's always the voice of hope. And so it was easy to -- to use those guidelines for it like his final speech for example yet. It's just classic Kermit is there is classic -- and listen I'll I will freely admit there was a tear in my I saw. Again I think it's a combination of the nostalgia and there is it doesn't there's a good message that there's it's just a great movie yet thank you well it in and you tweeted on that I had -- this is the best night -- your life it is. Just this this whole experience in the coming out I mean was born in our brain my writing partner and and I nick Stoller. And now four years later and we've been raining a for a long time to see it come out and to see kids reactions in our generation's reactions. It's everything we set out to do. So he did it SE -- Walter who is the -- -- yes why did you have to bring in. A new character and was there was that was -- -- the premise the thinking all longer to estimate this kind of evolve -- will we wanted someone who was its. He's he's an analog for what mechanized we're trying to do -- this whole movie he's an outsider. Who has a giant Muppet fan who when he finds the Muppets. Finds them not and we kind of statement he remembers them up with being at this point the mountains and disbanded throughout the world and the movie right and he needs to get them back together. To put on a show to remind the world a special Muppets -- -- -- is us yeah yeah its end and you could hear there is some of the -- this is and has also musical really -- there's twelve songs indefinitely as a musical and -- music was written by Bret McKenzie from -- of the Concord yet you know use -- music supervisor and that was a perfect match because he's. Clinton -- is very democracy. Yeah that's that's all that's left the dinner that's a good analogy as you know the other thing is is that it has that kind of catchy lyrics that she just. I was walking out of there and other people walking out of the kind of humming the tune even though we only heard it maybe two times yeah there's just some hero -- in my manner in my -- that it is that one of the best songs in the month not the pantheon it's amazing the fifth. You also I you know -- -- your writing is well acting starring in this well. What about developing any other characters and the Muppets and did you were you involved with developing any new characters and I'm who just Walter. -- we didn't feel the need for there to be a lot of new Muppets there there are so many Muppets going back to the TV show. That -- waiting in the archives to be brought out that people haven't seen I think at one point there's a scene where there's over a hundred Muppets. And that final scene where where Communist union speech. And to sit there look at these characters who some of -- -- -- about some of whom we think about all the time it was amazing that's the cool part you do have that kind of blast factor when it opening credits roll out yeah you get your response to -- and you remember -- in front of the TV when your kid and you know. -- of having that big excitement oh yeah always require the Muppet Show theme song for the first time in forty years. Wow that's amazing that is so. In addition to this you're still continuing your day job with How I Met Your Mother absolutely yeah I'm very very impressed thirty years whether -- -- for thirty years -- the map but yes and since the original Muppet show. Yeah I'm doing how much your mother on season seven and your character is not ready to have a baby yeah sometimes -- can be considered kind of the jumping the shark. Sitcom -- nervous while no not really is we've been married since episode. I mean since season two so it was about time for -- that the kids we've been trying for years. I'm just excited because I think it'll mean less hours for me because you can't work a baby -- long that is their babies if they don't even know they're acting. -- -- -- -- -- Defense that's very true winning second in those demands and having their own trailers and Green and the then you have to start paying attention absolutely. -- the Muppets opens theaters November 23 continued success had -- great job I appreciate it seriously not the problem parts are bad all right straight. Thank you thank you.

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{"id":14958778,"title":"A Muppet of a Man","duration":"6:28","description":"Jason Segel on reintroducing \"The Muppets\" to a new generation.","url":"/Entertainment/video/muppet-man-14958778","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}