Music Legend Sam Moore Talks His Latest Inspiration

"Soul Man" Sam Moore releases "They Killed A King"
7:16 | 04/24/14

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Transcript for Music Legend Sam Moore Talks His Latest Inspiration
It. That would of course be rock and roll legend Sam Moore just breaking down one of his greatest -- soul man and now he is honoring. Another -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With a new song is called they kill the king and was just released this month on the anniversary. Of king's assassination. -- And we are delighted and honored to have legendary Sam Moore with a big win -- how we -- -- I'm doing well over you will thank you how did this project come about. The dot the -- and yet. Then our war if a -- when. From overseas. And some of the munitions -- musicians. From Memphis that goes through a lot. They got together and fifth you know your bracket gets them what to do things. And if so what could reach their moral -- -- like for him to to do this I think you're committed to -- -- And that's. They knew well -- food columnist without -- that within that this fire threat sort of sensitivity and I looked. In the way things are going today -- I think there was because things that those some of us today. Have forgotten. How way. -- he. Was teaching. And what his passion lost about peace love and understanding. One another. Well last year it was at fiftieth anniversary of the march on Washington field and in that period of time than I mean you know the message that's coming through this on this very much. Along the same kind of lines as what was delivered that. Absolutely absolutely and it is the thing about it and that message to wolf the not so that was not. Design. He would get rich believe he was going to walk away because it's Healy here about 1015 minutes but he when he looked out into the -- Villa nobody's paying attention to people -- -- mental. Thing with if you noticed he was walking away. And -- -- -- jets was city. And productivity of -- It's that bought. Time about the dream right -- the dream don't know about the dream -- and he -- back to do that. I imagine this has a very special meaning to the king and we have they reached out -- Now I. And -- do it not really. It's it's not a political. It's just. Those of us as -- people. I have a feeling that -- of -- -- lost their way in belief. And passion and understanding. What's. And I'm just. Through song. To remind them hey. This is what it was the facility. I don't know -- you think of but this is what he preached this is what he was teaching. This is its passion distances well. It. It was it a collaborative effort and that's been sort of indicative of your career as well although I think you. You've broken some kind of record -- soul man of its own right I mean I mean that's on. Is the iconic. Ego boost that I think every guy. ID -- that I did not know that until the grand sad. Willie Mitchell -- Made this statement -- he said that would have bid. No. Integration. Until. Sold me the moment. And we hadn't had any idea that it would bet that that's all would have the kind of an old negatives so don't know. In all of that was just the Sloan who did an idea Bossone it was when group comment period but -- -- -- -- -- It was a benefit from -- I didn't -- -- at a hearing has not figured out there haven't -- that all of a sudden if that that you're an auto I don't know -- -- -- If you who won't. All. This is -- -- doctor kick it'll. That is not yet that's -- and that did you all along there are good -- -- that would that was this. I also -- 1989 inauguration see you -- feet you were the very future featured performers there along with Bo Diddley Billy Preston -- -- bond. And that's CDs coming out in May as well idea recollection as well this celebration blues and soul yeah I mean that eats all gathered in one well you know what. Is it that doubles of that was a scary moment. Because. Thank -- -- had just been elected. -- inauguration they go from. Bit to -- -- Cell. Counts and bear. And the bad as opposed they would really impressed than in any words. On -- on and on and. And Lula says this. We go to. The bathroom would what does -- think -- would not talk to you. So what outlook -- you want to through -- -- issues -- that we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. -- You know -- can -- -- -- And -- -- my career. He could hit -- -- and they certainly don't when allocate. And I consider both of them. Which is clearly not -- -- added. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- who -- don't I love it highlight of my career would live. It isn't mesa what is next for you now if they kill the king in the house what is next. What it was the last deny -- I did the eighth they need right in. And the winner. -- The widow was 18 we're not an additional -- thousand dollars. Which they could have given -- -- many. Cut totaling about what you can you can cry that I'm not worried about your bank account now when you've got what you got hit after an effort into the -- career that you -- A fifth a fifth the comments that he was going yeah. L Cardin have been a pleasure I really brilliantly through -- -- that you have absolutely they entered.

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{"id":23461079,"title":"Music Legend Sam Moore Talks His Latest Inspiration","duration":"7:16","description":"\"Soul Man\" Sam Moore releases \"They Killed A King\" ","url":"/Entertainment/video/music-legend-sam-moore-talks-latest-inspiration-23461079","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}