1981: Natalie Wood Dead at 43

The actress's body was found floating off California's Catalina Island.
1:29 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for 1981: Natalie Wood Dead at 43
Ms. -- body was found floating in a shallow lagoon off Catalina Island. She and her husband Robert Wagner had returned to his boat after dinner on the island with friends but she apparently took a small -- for a ride. After a seven hour search -- fully clothed body was found. Natalie wood's first starring role was the skeptical child in the timeless miracle on 34 street -- I've spent a good. No you do believe there doing. Her first of three Academy Award nominations came for her role opposite James Buchanan rebel without a cause. Patiently but I think when I'm convinced it. Her romance with Robert Wagner was -- -- Hollywood. They divorced in 1962 only to -- in 1972. Becoming one of Hollywood's favorite couples. Where she continued her career on TV and in films winning praise for roles like this in from here to eternity. I like by dispatching. -- confidence. On this what is perhaps best remembered for her role as Maria in the Oscar winning West Side Story even though someone else -- She was only 43 but her career spanned 38 years. Friends and former co stars from Jimmy -- -- Robert Redford expressed shock and sadness upon hearing of her untimely death. John North ABC news Hollywood.

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{"id":14983826,"title":"1981: Natalie Wood Dead at 43","duration":"1:29","description":"The actress's body was found floating off California's Catalina Island.","url":"/Entertainment/video/natalie-wood-dead-at-43-14983826","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}