N.Y. Fashion Week: Backstage With J. Crew

J. Crew's fashion director on the line's high fashion at affordable prices.
1:24 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for N.Y. Fashion Week: Backstage With J. Crew
-- from. I am merely Jenna Lyons chief creative director -- J. -- and she brings all this energy that it collects and. You break the -- care what the inspiration. -- Except that it like I was there one. You know -- not -- -- -- on. -- -- -- -- Make -- gorgeous rich expensive looking at such an affordable price an amazing scene it's incredibly hard and obviously in the nineties in the but not with black. If you look at them that -- there. That passionate about it there -- in the beginning that matters -- -- aren't that we're making now hundreds of thousands of management that we can actually. Not that much -- thanks to Begin -- nine and -- huge difference were able to giving them a lot of people can't do. What is the fees that everybody has to happen vault when he well. I want to get it and whether it banner printers that -- which we. Don't want an honest. Coming taker that and happiness that we have but you've got -- he amateur very nice about estimating that this is really just really really right. Think use them.

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{"id":15730851,"title":"N.Y. Fashion Week: Backstage With J. Crew","duration":"1:24","description":"J. Crew's fashion director on the line's high fashion at affordable prices.","url":"/Entertainment/video/ny-fashion-week-backstage-crew-15730851","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}