The N.Y. Giants Party in Style

Find out the lavish gift Justin Tuck gave to all his teammates.
0:29 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for The N.Y. Giants Party in Style
Say -- for the New York Giants they know how to celebrate in style New York City through a parade for the Super Bowl champions today. Hundreds of thousands of fans lined the streets to cheer big blue line. And the players were given keys to the city. Defensive lineman Justin Tuck had his own gift for his teammates talking each player and coach a personalized bottle of Johnnie Walker blue label thought. He's bottle was engraved with the -- that Super Bowl 46 champions.

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{"id":15532370,"title":"The N.Y. Giants Party in Style","duration":"0:29","description":"Find out the lavish gift Justin Tuck gave to all his teammates.","url":"/Entertainment/video/ny-giants-party-style-15532370","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}