Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

Peter Travers discusses his picks for this year's Academy Awards.
7:44 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Oscar Predictions: Best Picture
So let's take on the supporting categories -- the ones that come in the beginning so you're -- an Oscar pool and home. You know these the ones you can is no you got wrongly got right best supporting actor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jonah Hill and money -- Nick Nolte in warrior Christopher Plummer in beginners and Max on site and extremely -- incredibly -- now telling -- -- in the year the average age of the nominees would be 212. -- is the veteran's category and Christopher Plummer who's 82. Has won the majority of the Ward's going into this and he is straight actor and a guy playing a gay guy. Who's going to die this is usually what obstacles. And I say he's going to win. If there's a shot in this one not going to be Jonah Hill because he's too young to even be in this category I think it's going to be. -- inside out in extremely -- incredibly -- He is 82 as well. Did all Ingmar Bergman movies and now plays a guy -- mute but has yes written on this hand -- -- -- -- his hand. Just think -- loves. And some people actually love this horrible movie in that incredibly -- I do not. So he's -- surprised but I'm bravely choosing Christopher Plummer as the winner best supporting. Wonderfully. Loud music in -- Now best supporting actors whose death. Down -- today's -- in the artists they love doing my friends. Jessica testing in the help but it could have been -- any one of the 202 movies in late this year. Melissa McCarthy bridesmaids I mean this was a big dealing comedy getting here and he is that representations. Of that comedy. Janet matier in Albert -- and Octavia Spencer in the health. Octavia Spencer has won almost every award leading into this and yet we realize that. The artist is a movie the academy -- so if it's sweeps. -- -- could sneak in with this is well -- niece was on our show and she had this to say about being in the art. And I love this -- she's. She's very positive -- -- everything in a positive way and she's very faithful to live to him. And it's a love story. Thank you -- east but the fact is I think that help. In terms of acting ensemble is where the academy voters are thinking so I'm going with Octavia Spencer. War. -- think you've got to be nice to get me. -- -- -- -- to give me. -- All right com is the major category of the Oscars which is best picture this is the kind of thing people make time and you did to you probably in an office pools there. And they -- nine this year we -- ten nominee he's the last two years and before that only five now that night -- -- I don't understand them but I'm going to read. In alphabetical order. First nominee is the artist. And we have the descendants. Extremely loud and incredibly close. That helped Hugo. Midnight in Paris. Money ball the tree of life. -- -- We -- this right away eliminated if the directors are not nominated or didn't get any what you just look at how many nominations it. Each of these movies get. And the ones with the most nominations tend to win OK so the most nominations went to -- -- -- Hugo. Hugo a movie -- 3-D that's about. A silent movie era and and George -- -- indictment Kingsley plays -- there. -- has eleven nominations. You know markets but says -- was on the show and talked a little about working this way. The 3-D. Was -- because. Every time we -- shock. Design and basically beforehand. New things can basically had to -- -- everything. Everything that we thought we knew of course. Try to immerse the audience into the story rather than having you look into a box of treaty. And see them fall way what the act -- And the conversion -- -- -- camera can stay with their company's real treaty shot. And so that's what you part of the world. Just -- -- retracted because it's literally like watching them onstage -- in close up. But when we talk about Hugo what's the one that's as close to that -- nominations that would be the artist and -- and nominations and the artist is in black and white. It's a silent movie it starts people we never heard of before it should have no chance and yet Hollywood as him -- it. We -- -- -- the artist -- this is about our industry this is what we like this is what we loud. Is there any other movie that's really in the running here because he'd -- -- home war horses and happening. Yes there is it's called the help. It doesn't have a nomination for its director Tate Taylor -- screenplay. But it has three acting nominations. And people love it it made the most money of any movie this year. He could sneak in it has that potential to be the spoiler. But as -- as -- I'm going to say that Hollywood's love of the artist I think most of these. Academy voters were around in 1927. When the first Oscar went to wings which was a -- film. I think they wished they could go back to that time and they're going to -- -- for those reasons. And I also think it's a hell of a good movie I have nothing against that way as long as it. Loud and incredibly close wins nothing. I am happy man so I am gravely sitting here and -- the best picture winner this year of the Academy Award will be the artist. And -- John -- John -- who started it. Not only came on our -- and talked and wrote the -- sound rule. He went and took us out in song and so I'm going ask him again if we can hear. The silent film star of the -- John John and seen as we wish the academy. A ratings bonanza which they're not gonna get and I I see this because it's sad. They don't nominate the movies that people actually see. But they nominate the movies that they like which are in the words of John to shut down for me. Thank you and I'm Peter track. -- -- -- -- -- Saturday. Definitely -- The he. Thought. -- -- Irish actually two -- -- that was the said. But only. All beat -- Got a lot of it nodding. -- I won't hit me about -- you. Vote. What I hoped. That it can.

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