Paul Adelstein's Second Career

Paul talks about "Private Practice" and his music career.
1:15 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Paul Adelstein's Second Career
You know Paul Edelstein -- pediatrician doctor Cooper Friedman on the hit series private practice. But Paul has a second career going as a singer and composer -- -- and Doris. The -- -- -- new album out called all the details and the first single is called me -- -- Just don't know. -- things of that talk about it I'll I'll see you think of being there so much for having me so many of your fans may not be aware of the musical side that you how -- -- music -- apart. As far back as I can remember -- vice -- a -- -- -- performer. But -- always always played music and you. Since -- Forensic analysts -- even before then writing songs and excludes after and then I started a band -- money in a joint theater company exact same summer kind of always been. Doing both things I would. You look at one more than the other I would -- -- sick and I'm afraid that the there event. -- great for -- in my personnel only works if I get stuck doing one loved being able to go to him and whispers rights and outdoor press the man went -- informant -- -- -- up with my mother's name greats. Great -- there wasn't my idea. Started in Chicago. In the late ninety's with some friends and we were thrown around band names and they came up with that and we got a good laugh about it in the kind of came in there right now we went with Finland and and -- -- and I moved -- -- -- -- different guys some of the -- from Chicago bottom. This -- third album we put out. And we're not you know doing -- show or whatever what we do little tourism we look to reports. You look -- the rent with this one hopefully in the spring break out the video and it's sort of. Interesting though that this sort of soft ballot -- -- motorcycle racer is we're looking for something that was contrast to the song that we could cut into native. Kind of about the idea of luck and when it turns on when it does amendment from -- great video director on the film. On Sunday which is from -- -- one. And -- so that it. Kind of has. The song love imagery. That you are having ideas and have -- YouTube -- It's a great way to get music. And were such a visual culture music through. People sit and listen. And tapped -- Tactical that your character -- certainly have some changes now dad Adam. How much -- like it's been great. What happened was you know he he married a woman he's he's pediatrician who has children married women pretty ambivalent about yourself Charlotte and then. Beginning of the season a woman chose them with child general says it's. It is indeed his -- -- and to make this person lives -- -- Greek. And he becomes your own apartment and it's great and you're doing the story line which it so juicy there's so many different asked two and then his mother is sick which it reasons. She brought him and you don't know if she's going to be around much longer so. He may be full time -- in him doubtful announced problems. And a few are also direct thing out which is very exciting time that I just finished directing my second -- sort of private practice -- right now. And it was really challenging -- -- so it was it was just. -- was no guesthouse it was all us all these kind of big things are happening in people's lives. To direct that really geez is it. Very exciting as an actor to be directing and you know what the actors want and need an away thinks that we're a very tight group -- experience -- we kind of. We're always whispering in each -- and regular socket -- -- him do that differently. So. Having one of us behind the camera just if you think continuation. So distracting from the continue to do you don't maybe it's certainly fun to do it on us that we're you know everybody knows the crew you know you it's very in house. Wearing a lot of -- and we love that thank you so Patrick. -- --

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{"id":15768410,"title":"Paul Adelstein's Second Career ","duration":"1:15","description":"Paul talks about \"Private Practice\" and his music career. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/paul-adelsteins-career-15768410","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}