Oscar's Fashion Report Card

Phillip Bloch Says JLO shined, but Oscar winner Melissa Leo flopped.
5:26 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar's Fashion Report Card
Now out of find out who won meet really important -- of the night best dressed to celebrity stylist and lifestyle group Phillip -- is here to tell us who stole show on the red carpet up. Break it down for -- who with your number one best dressed actress at the. We are gone right to the best of the -- Glamorous movie's darker nations sexy with the eleven when he heatedly like address. Jennifer love and love that I thought she looked fantastic movie star that when a movie stars supposed to look like -- all award -- season. He just hadn't been stepping up to be movie -- it. We have looked like movie stars it's true -- -- -- -- allowing just laugh glamorous. Movie -- sexy in the in the Hollywood history and Liz Taylor Sophia Lauren that's when he looked like soon have a wardrobe malfunction strategy. Well they're saying we saw a little -- Bat -- out at bat and a path if you look about organ grab that just had to be sprayed on -- -- he likes regular Americans are but it just all I love I agree with your pick there who released about. I thought Michelle was really beautiful now -- The little silver. Little -- there that with -- I -- and finally she looked like a movie star -- -- I almost thought she could one last night. Every night at the Oscars I can tell is gonna win -- when I see them on the red carpet -- I thought I hit fifty overnight tonight from Maryland all night but this is very that is accord -- -- -- Natalie -- really look moves. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought it all part. Perfect but I have done without a little known ballot as acute. -- halted the simple strand necklace and yeah very simple. A -- it -- yeah everything was simple and classic and elegant not lot of risks being made him. -- who was number 33. Number three. If they act -- -- Spencer. Again all of gorgeous he's like Michelle action looking like mothers of the bra Iron Man has of the -- -- She looked like a movie -- this dress made her buying the exquisite. You've got Yost as you should look like yourself you should let the bastard ever gonna look human and and he -- to -- -- energy. With the backed her in her figure -- certain -- -- media thing and we honestly hats and Iran isn't flattering way. She looks like a winner eyewitness. You go there's the winner cannot public talent to go about content about immense love biggest myth of the evening Melissa Leo you -- last year don't know any better. And that's. It's depressing night what was that and by agreement -- -- -- in Accra. -- -- she knows -- that on the gulping what with and they're variety it. -- one of our producer Franzen looked like it was -- on west 38 street through each group -- Might net but you know what great actress everyone's allowed -- passed. Right now no no absolutely yeah I had out of that. I think -- down but didn't do any of the day. -- --

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{"id":15803609,"title":"Oscar's Fashion Report Card","duration":"5:26","description":"Phillip Bloch Says JLO shined, but Oscar winner Melissa Leo flopped.","url":"/Entertainment/video/phillip-bloch-oscars-dresses-fashion-celebrity-hollywood-15803609","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}