Pippa Middleton in the Spotlight

Part 9 of Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011"
2:55 | 12/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pippa Middleton in the Spotlight
Can't -- about the girl who just wanted to Wear pretty dress. See her sister -- into the British royal family. And then imagine that in the middle of it all suddenly anyone has just disinterested. In U. What is it about confederate election and we just can't get -- This thing. The whole world war just as Britain's royal family entered a new air -- If you were watching and especially if you -- there it was exhilarated. Because when Kate Middleton walked into Westminster happen and history that day someone else did too. -- that Middleton. Takes 27 year old youngest sister comes through true love bridesmaids. Thou shall not just bounced from the bride. That was very destructive. The beautiful -- the beautiful town and the beautiful thing you know. Perfectly -- in -- dress that was somehow both sexy and student. -- -- That became this year is it hit the ground who had always followed in her sister's footsteps and playing this same story. Dating inside the same circles was suddenly in -- -- A -- -- into immediate stop. Looking good afternoon. By ordinary standards she didn't do much but she looked so good why she didn't. She went to work as an event -- She -- to pocketbooks. She got a parking ticket. She wore an inexpensive gifts she wore -- sure after this. She wore red shoes two days -- -- -- she kissed her boyfriend. While wearing a red dress. And then they broke -- The enhanced to include -- the world must insist quite -- -- The Chinese cool Nicholas Italians get them it's just with the Germans think they couldn't follow the game like I'm being -- -- -- news. -- caused her most famous activists -- backside. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- the media section -- that I. But even though the cameras follow her everywhere. Get the police -- never speaks. An ordinary girl sprinkled with -- hill fairy dust. For the life of endless possibilities -- his. Inevitably. Time will define her. But for now she is who -- we want him to be.

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{"id":15159152,"title":"Pippa Middleton in the Spotlight","duration":"2:55","description":"Part 9 of Barbara Walters' \"The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/pippa-middleton-spotlight-15159152","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}