Popcorn: New Hollywood "It" Girl Felicity Jones

Star of "Like Crazy" discusses early buzz about potential Oscar nomination.
6:20 | 10/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Popcorn: New Hollywood "It" Girl Felicity Jones
News can can. Hi I'm Peter Travers in this popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie that you -- like like crazy which is -- -- called like crazy. And -- me has had the good taste to invite. Publicity Jones could be the guest stars in the film and -- -- Since Sunday month. Where you won an award for. -- ward. If you. Felicity Jones what is it like who living although he published it. Although Monday he would anybody yet -- I had it January you know it's been there ever it just like you walk through life as the groom. Yeah I -- sign that this hi I'm the eight just. Commodities that it thing isn't it or that -- Yeah and mind into -- it. -- -- -- -- -- It it seems in the clip that we just saw like kits to young people who -- them -- but there's always a fly in the ointment. What what what is this man. What is this movie that -- a good question it is a competitive it's about a couple people land me and -- the -- passionate enough. But that's on it that that as you say that qualification and it is -- out now that relationship shifts and changes. An event closely resembling me and Sheen my character -- you care. -- -- -- Which -- a few problems and she -- is Portsmouth England. And it's whether this relationship can still survive despite the yet difficult -- responses on. -- director and and -- -- return with. Told you and Anton basically that you were going -- for -- this script largely correct and I mean there's an outline and then. You would do this movie over this seven years and it would all be improper. Yes I fear there for me -- Huge amounts of I didn't even -- you could make films like I did not I its it was completely read you really -- show that. You know but nobody can there were not reading the EU after the and that UConn team for again. Yes I can I -- -- Obviously improvising and then making script that his nation and directness. Like Mike Meehan and he does them. But it was done it was carrying an new and obviously Jake did it before we -- back. And then the idea is that you have a strong sense of heart has before Washington. And -- hugs every scene and in. And spend time thinking -- by discussing and -- these people. -- you're rehearsing but it's almost like you're rehearsing it on camera. Yes exactly I mean how any given scene any given moment. On say Jeff. When he he's seen the note upon you -- car. How many -- with it. -- be done and. What they seems we show quite funny on Sunday would take it would be. Around ten takes maybe fifteen takes with something like that for me from -- few takes but until. And alliant developed short and the child -- we took a bit of time to get comfortable and we would often speak and Alton and and to compensate and then by the end of the -- to -- me how to months and fosse style went on the sunny southern and knowing he would speak before they think. Too many people that are gonna see like crazy you aren't going to have sprung full blown. This person this overnight. -- -- -- -- -- But it didn't do it did they think they didn't bring -- full blown in -- tell us a little bit how that started its work. It yeah I thought -- patents and that. And my went to Tom Green and -- -- British. You know I just it was a little heated -- and I thought -- -- -- -- Yeah I AM I've been acting. And needed in England. And like crazy -- American. And apparently they did take -- to the common. -- -- So last question you probably will hate this -- -- And an advocate. And he always end here and saw. We -- have somebody just seeing a few bars. Other songs it means something to -- them jerk created it could be -- -- -- if there is totally -- And so you -- -- cannot sit there and say no music means. While it's not. A song I will try and replicate. But his I wouldn't do any justice but a song though is -- Big inspiration for -- like crazy and something I've listened to since it makes me very nostalgic about the experience. With and -- in and simple twist of fate and I think. That song is so important to the story of like crazy and them and is very specials and means -- I'm not but I couldn't even. I can you are meaningless actress. -- -- -- The it's -- it's not -- -- -- -- person of goods in the interest of -- -- that that I can give me. And that was -- Jones. Around like crazy and -- them. Simple with the -- Thank you have an urgent medical styling Nancy and migrate you that -- -- being here thank you thank you very.

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{"id":14835693,"title":"Popcorn: New Hollywood \"It\" Girl Felicity Jones","duration":"6:20","description":"Star of \"Like Crazy\" discusses early buzz about potential Oscar nomination.","url":"/Entertainment/video/popcorn-hollywood-girl-felicity-jones-14835693","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}