Preview: The Rose Bowl Parade

ABC News' Lesley Messer goes inside the final prep for the Tournament of Roses Parade
15:58 | 12/31/15

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Transcript for Preview: The Rose Bowl Parade
Let's take you now with a not one of our team members over on the west it's. Eight. Why. Let me a ticking yeah. They had on the island in New York what's going on Myanmar. It's pretty crazy I am in a look pets. He isn't sure what's happening out there in light headed and in the van has the tournament of roses parade that right. That's right I'm right outside rather Griswold going to take place all the floats are getting fed up for customer experience. And that the table except you have to eat to believe so I will take the camera off me and let you leave this unbelievable what I have been present need her. Pediatric mask. Reid did not look tapping out. Allard. Finally. It's a little athletes and the family. Credible V tail on the. Really not. How well maybe. He went in the most. And the the other fled do you see an end to this kind of exit yelling and beat their behind you that is that this thing of beauty. What are the rules for some of these floats I mean and and they just be made up of whenever materials though pass. They sell bit but you're seeing a lot of flowers a lot of it would really eat like a garden. Pretty it's. Every single color and every now. Floor galleries and had been pregnant. And trying to you find somebody would get his feet he about the construction of the float. She is. Having read up installing a dead body you went to the other float that happened a lot fewer around the walking around him but again we'll. Adam. Great that this is obviously leading up to the Rose Bowl tomorrow. Curtains are the rose this weekend but I think what most people are excited about. Her seeing these floats you can see behind me there's one or they're lining them up on the street for the parade. There is. Still many people here just to look at it and they're so spectacular here is fine. He apparently. I think it Arabian nights they. I'll give it can find the body. Lastly I pound my hometown walking out of plant. Went grades it's very uplifted after Everett is Hillary yeah. Let me every year the really big yelled at night pounding dining out if they don't have a volunteer heart pound actually. Where he felt let them honestly think he steal it something that people are very proud that that happens. Eat it up a creek if the team from walking out of let this year and it made it very simple there isn't there I think it would be fair and something out. It on the look out there and look at that load. Com it's pretty beautiful but again an appetite. Out of it threatens now to an awful lot ride. And flatly. It's really in the evening and I treatment or an evil and Everett. If this really had a I don't doubt that you're there must and it there. I was getting in the field going and I hearing or not there is a good visit and I'm happy inspired that yet. Together work so what they didn't he behind me they're leaving out all mean flowers and Ari. Sure and so. This about the journey treasures and turning and detectives are these points. Points are actually floor grants these are all donors. Whose images have been depicted in seeds and rice and drive materials. And these added fuel these large medallions. Of the roses. And the camels in the earliest. Transportation maturity. And we are slow walkers who learn what we're live donors who donated to give them my nice hearing. There were some other kind of tissue and then several are recipients let myself I received a heart or at UTV pilot had years ago. And then there are also. And our donor families as well. You know I have been decorating afloat the last five years and to be on the float is sold and made it so much bigger than I imagined. And the stories of heroism in the people who donated night live donors who have given pardons. Others who live in the whole purpose is to raise awareness about how organ and tissue donation. Saves lives and. So spectacular. Well. He began working back in November but the floated right here with some drive materials. And then the flowers didn't start going on until the twenty. 88. It's may ninth so he could just a few days to put all of this together with people working in three different sets. And I was pledged to work on juices from the age of five and had a big hand in making. Way back serial pattern. Well the dark brown is that's Coffey the white is rice. Yellow is corn flour that's been put in a blender and in dry and it's all organic materials. Everything on it nothing on it was made first brought here is all made here. And then became viewed with a rapping on it Beauchamp I suppose it'd with the powers. At this sit thanks part of the and then beat the young man whose. Stanley this. Here is a woman here whose husbands and organs were donated and the recipient is writing them. My heart it's pretty profound. I haven't been blessed to meet my donor family yeah. A outlines of. Clinton runs. You know. It's now. Look at the camel's structure is it doesn't matter where it's been covered me a burlap. Campus. And then it's been covered with moss and moss has been in street Louis and Mississippi. The Cadillac he doesn't smell like tablets don't like. I'd much rather. Campbell discovered the. Me. So I think I deserve much hasn't congratulations on the planet making things. I. Do you get PM every line has really come together for that and these are projects that have been in the works for months. Where Phillies game. That's pretty spectacular. And it'd keep you out tighten our you can see a couple more load. Again here at the back of the down. Yeah you're going Olivia. After walking around the black they're white like over there that happened in the pretty chilly Southern California for this time it here. Yeah I was a little nervous. The weather online know about my. The weather got their. Period. Pretty night. Bullets setting out there. Really nice that's very I don't laugh you know having a lot of facts you might should be. Go ahead of any. Size. I've been really really. I am taking you outside where you can see a couple more floats. There's a lakers went outside and getting a lot of attention obviously from. We're big fans of the south while he. Behind it there is one with Eric and he's been calling the little Marlins evolved so there's really something for everybody. All of you. And instead of this scope and scale of the believe those of us. We're walking. You know the final product on television any idea how many people it takes to pull it together how many flowers technically imagine it's. Went live in the hundreds of thousands and millions hundreds of thousands. There's 101000 in just one pound him at coming there are all together. I mean they're working around the clock in shifts. They're trying fuel. Instruction on most campaigns began back. Back months ago. And they're just putting on the final touches that make sure that everything's in network news yet obviously your work. Hours per. Perishable items. Forget you. It's clear all these volunteers work. This line. I'm in a show EO. You don't want to see. Mean you rather see that in the shower it. Spectacular. And I think he thinks he can he called opal. It looks like they've got barricades up to prevent exactly what I ask you to do what I wonder how close you can get. Hello. It felt like that he has are we get some beautiful product but it's really cracked and individual elements that go into these enormous strapped me every single one of those is an organic piece of material that right. Absolutely we're talking about everything from flowers to oranges to oranges peeled and compete in the field office. The orange peel layer then in hot and beautiful sport. Gail look. The dragging me with the dragon. Thank them. The nail. In this case it's truly remarkable attention to DHL has been its spectacular yeah. I am I with ABC news and would you like to tell us hello. All about it. Eight. We me and every. And being healed and an uneasy sleep on the hours you paid and I he's even if you hadn't McMahon back yeah. Wedding and you. And I spent time around and it went in and you know what it's like yeah. Let up. Have you guys working around the clock to get his ass and I honest act. Now it looks like we have lots that signal that lovely mess are in Pasadena California bring ES. A really cool behind the scenes look let's keep a check back in the there. Yeah in my mind. Be there I yeah where he had. OK so you can be used if I need it has crews working up. Overnight the last week expanding needs started he was much as they can as well as close to the greatest possible to be sure that these flowers. Are alive and looking beautiful and so. And it's just the workmanship of close as we had Olivia is just spectacular. Line four LA lakers and you can see it. Opening hours there's bill putting the final touches on and it's already in line. I'm. In the plaza paring other about forty boring at all. And again this is these huge steal for people in Southern California had huge deal for people millions watching all over the country tomorrow. On and that court might act and interesting as is its start in eighteen I think you have anything it's that old and even when. And money and it here and it will always been this saying it was the ultimate in panic materials for the floats. Actually not sure about that that that is coming out of clubs an Alley I don't have any idea lastly about it. It out it's been like this happening here I Holler at eight. Apparently she. Traditionally means there are. Basically it. You can't park anywhere you can't really get anywhere except he's parking lots and it seemed like everyone in Pasadena is here to look at these foot. Quit for good reason I mean as you pointed out the they're really really amazing to see on television but up close just seeing the amount of the talent work that goes into them. It is even more so. I thought that with all that rose by. When your Bible you actually slightly up at the other Eric it got in how to eat problem well well. Kind now. By and I I I really hope that you can see on the camera hope it's. It's capturing even a little bit of the U telling locking up to one now you. Got Teddy bears an ice cream Condit again neither me had a different kinds of flour they look easy. And you have you have to think I thought I guess also the amount. That's a good idea that you that they put forth when they talk to learn and figure out kind of I was because they all I really do. Share. And if you can eat these airplane relievers including. And different colored flowers and just unbelievable. In the Lebanese town is. On hand and let's take speeding at 78. He tightened Donald. Seat because you can't help that level of detail you're watching on television and millions of people do every year is that right you really can't it's very people habits eat -- bit close to you axle plants think you lastly about eighty easily met there live in Pasadena California with a cool behind the scenes look. At the preparations for the Rose Parade.

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