Prince Harry to the Rescue

HuffPo Celebrity's Rob Shuter on how the Prince came to a friend's aid.
4:15 | 12/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Harry to the Rescue
Time to get caught up on the latest celebrity scoops scandal announcements. And who better -- rob shooter from -- the -- -- Phyllis and with all the details rob with us today to see it good to see -- well I Britney -- big announcement. It's not what much of the time Britain stunning day he pleaded -- -- did getting patients I guess which should make us all a little concern considering she got married that printing 52 -- put. Hala we shouldn't be concerned because this is a good guy Jason was manage what's there each and she's known him for a while -- -- who knows -- thinks he is that -- rock. That really -- app for that and she's got two little boys -- -- along with rates that he'd spent a lot of time with him as being the photographs and -- of -- with the kids -- -- -- -- -- -- A stabilizing. Influence in the finally an -- -- that she still has the concerns that the -- -- of all the rest of people asking how does -- and you get it. What you are not able to make decisions by Google however that you and I'm the mom and -- -- -- The bill but nothing came the blessing and what about Kevin Federline that those announcements on the roof of Britney seems genuinely -- I think that that romance ended. And has gone way that's. -- that -- not. Energy I think he's really -- -- all -- Britons could be on the incline again for -- and this will she -- it again and again and get right upcoming news outlets in that line of the week. Guilty right here. It's -- when it operating for little bit some royal news this week. What happened with -- Friend Prince Harry was on the phone with his mates will be as British as we count in this segment okay telephone of his mates and -- -- ma the workshop. In -- -- -- on the -- the prince. They stole his friends -- and -- he rushed to cross -- And his friend at the police station I'm with the right. College ultimately that cool the -- -- -- -- -- how can you had to napping when -- shows up dude where's there's yourself right I mean blatantly. I'll take that -- that don't let them. Nobody else you -- the other maybe man -- -- a pirate site that not that reinforce what the community is important enough big announcement Brad Pitt turned 48 a that we eat and he doesn't make it's not with Brittany he was in Vegas -- Internet and American reported that now. I'd -- his -- and they went to see Michael Jackson's. In more from tribute -- on in Vegas. And it's true that it's -- -- war in a row in front of them said not only did they get an unobstructed view. They also had net but he hadn't and to look at -- in -- what -- your Breen 2500 kids accidentally everybody got to kind of book if you run right at the moment that cause it to the when you have that many kids are so -- three. I NG with the -- -- the -- for an end but I mean that we love them but that's -- -- -- and obviously they're great parents for everything we hear about this. Obviously he could afford a little bit because Ellen the generous fought his old and Iraq and -- -- has been up for sale. In for some time and -- just voted for twelve million -- Dallas machine is in rap acts in the match in the story and that -- or. Could the beautiful hot he's such an architect -- forty -- That he designs along the -- truly is magnificent in Malibu and -- and violence and speaking of some big cash Kobe Bryant. Finally done -- of a -- the marriage yet it ahead to this -- it's not pretty enough -- there's no. In ten has been fantastic thing she thought last time he cheated not she's gonna Eddie Campbell he's. To be between 150. And 300 million dollars. That pre nup elections and a half of them I cry when rich people lose money right and on and -- well. What -- -- what was the but what will spot with an up and up -- -- it is what everybody's saying French Quarter in a this time through text messages. After ten -- have -- in this relationship everybody was surprised. -- to -- -- she finally said enough is enough and there she goes to the bank. -- black rob deer from up a -- back so much and happy holiday dealers.

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{"id":15190815,"title":"Prince Harry to the Rescue","duration":"4:15","description":"HuffPo Celebrity's Rob Shuter on how the Prince came to a friend's aid.","url":"/Entertainment/video/prince-harry-rescue-15190815","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}