Rashida Jones stars in 'Celeste & Jesse Forever'

Actress talks about writing & creating an independent film with friends.
3:00 | 08/04/12

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Transcript for Rashida Jones stars in 'Celeste & Jesse Forever'
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and right now there's a big hit. There called -- less -- Jesse forever Stein -- Jones. We talked to -- while we're at the Sundance Film Festival in January -- the Washington school house hotel and she told us a lot. About what this movie is that he -- wrote and stars in but it's really about can you be friends with anybody who once had sex with. -- -- -- Point two seat single thing could continue to -- I'm really sorry we don't need -- I think it's you cannot get it I didn't you construct best friends. Apps aren't part nothing new students sat march -- -- and but he just gonna checking account protections. Father -- we'll have a car. You know. -- you always can invest aren't. -- -- can't -- I'm content of the letters being sent. It's huge mistake he's living in the -- -- funds to our breaking his heart smoothly. -- -- -- -- He's fun. Are you exhausted from having written -- I just we just finished writing which -- And others and -- -- that. -- it's it's something. Rarely if it's great meet the audiences here are not friends. Well when you show them the first people. They could -- there were up. Really that's funny now but what happens now has the reaction. Think you know it's been good to be more -- keeping me. It should be. You know it should be every year retrieved it would be hard to stay in your body. There's been more. If -- Response. So how can you tell -- responses. People. This was so good is that what you're hearing them and then there laughing because I think in this movie. Some of the best man win -- right -- But if you -- actually. Something. Written. The story. They understated. Wrote something called acts. On that because I was gay. They're basically acknowledging there. That they actually. And we. When it. Feelings. Get it it. Actually relief. And really. Just can't. You know picky with it. -- I have had boat that are fair share of heartbreak -- breaking Hart said. Pain in that inflicted pain to I really want to hear that yes I helped lead the -- don't worry. That. It. No mean we -- both sides and where were both were obsessed with. Me that story. And it that they you know overall story about what it means. Having a relationship that can teens you necessarily. Racing for you. You have this idea likes -- look like everybody -- that actors create structure and accountable its always. Changed by the reality of what actually -- I've just screws us it -- -- dad says. 18 black and now. To Europe -- this one. Seems Smart. Yes seeing you know that word it was a moment where -- there because they -- close to going to Cornell and there was an unprovoked personal attack against. You who went harbor. It's weird but when I hear that line and I cringe a little bit -- in the context and it's funny but. I I don't like I -- I need snobbery by -- it here she can you. You enough quote -- Harvard the only idea and -- there's wills who wrote that. Well look -- will grow. -- do you think fifty did it and I don't. Yeah he does Jay-Z as it is that -- says -- our -- now that's bitterly. Here. Are. You know I bet. Shean. A slightly. Percent. Slightly but she's -- smarter than most people ray room and you know that's -- -- So I'm just looking for again well. -- -- There could be here this coming from there. Where you creating -- actor. Well it's what you felt that way. I -- in Hollywood you're working with people sometimes the right thing to do things. Me me and everybody and -- something guys fair you know. But I but I -- an exact numbers the worst parts. You know which I think. Hopefully you know we were brave enough to export -- the boat actually. I can be controlling I can think and smarter people from. What I wanted I want that -- -- we have. And I think that includes -- yet with the liberals hate to think. Sometimes I think that's our area and most of the time. -- in -- Islam he thought to yourself. And -- blasts. -- learn when you. Too much -- oh win in December was -- he did -- that you will have been working on scripts with thirteen years. That this movie -- that easy. To the screen and a year and it feels like I'm David fuels like it's been twenty years. But its only victory. At three years ago. Probably couldn't have written it any sooner for. We we dabbled in writing with each actor. It did come -- from personal experience -- Did -- that the ability to be honest about -- -- way that fuels like somebody's watching you take your clothes off. You gotta deal in order to be -- -- -- and by the -- still not -- advocate and they're glad I felt like somebody. Wright went through my underwear drawer I was watching and it will think there's there's. You're showing that people's. What do you close out the front of people and then when he had a premiere of the movie like that and your friends and family and. Yes exactly. You grew up with -- -- Quincy Jones that this is this does not know that's cool. You know. -- you know but he changed. You really. Think you know it's elk about and from. You know. I think -- -- -- that the theater and I think the reason I mean I think there's another reason my parents are wonderful people and their priorities are totally ray -- always. Not that hard work your head down finds mean and -- pretty -- and -- -- -- people. But also -- -- note me a lot I think that's part of why you know. He can't be spoiled when they think now. Sorry what we have people. Thinking it asked for thirteen different. Shopping you know -- -- -- happily. Limitless. You know. Credit card. Access I didn't have my parents -- Carter told the news. We have for you to find out happy with the our data. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean we luckily you know people -- at the Scranton and responded to. Life as a friend of -- and friends for years. CC came on board with -- I think it's. Hopefully it. Was their point in the making of the film we lost -- -- Birthday but it's what my -- air with. The no it was it was like it was -- -- That an -- do that for.

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{"id":16930845,"title":"Rashida Jones stars in 'Celeste & Jesse Forever'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress talks about writing & creating an independent film with friends.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rashida-jones-stars-celeste-jesse-forever-16930845","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}