'Real Live': Bette Midler Tony's acceptance speech

"Real Live" co-hosts give their take on the necessity of award show play-off music.
2:41 | 06/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Real Live': Bette Midler Tony's acceptance speech
Your document drawn weaving in Bill Allen ought to allow women in talking with me and bet that Hitler. It. You. I was trying to like air out there now are though the playoff we all know we see that an awards show summits talking too much and all of that and if you'd orchestra pit down there they start play but I think we've got a little phantom Bette Midler saying the recount orchestra at the gotta top. With that. I just. And notion wouldn't stuttering she does what is there a lot about that she would continue to be finishing until they thought I just -- thing I just one thing I just wanna fit and not having it yet heard of I mean. What you think he's songs or even necessary and I kind of being lifted they are if and we'll take awards show up they don't have an infinite amount of time preparing the app you've got to keep everyone in line in the fighting is really. Everhart it's more worked up when it's like a bigger star if it was just like well below the key direct with getting it. Only a few. Twelve the like that you learn so yeah. There. That's pornographer being. The hit. An avenue eight conduct an edge and I agree that it will they have threatened were on agreement if necessary body you right now. You'd think that he G handle it right. I think she didn't each person that I mean what she's posted. A about it and talking and accurate news. Talk actually add up as well I kinds and so nice you can make that statement. I think can we agree Kibaki light theme that may be warts with the more real means that the Oscars the golden will all the showed real I read that you're a liar right. They're certainly abuse. I think people like peppers or that you're like that means yield the fielder part of it there's always feel that African. Of the audience you know it's very insider. There laughing making it by the but I do you think different people can get away with it and Thursday it Garrity. I call it legendary. That that like someone who just new to acting yes that broadly stage I don't think economy. Audio guys stop. Read about it funny it's comical. Again I think you know a few people leave it like that it's really you know beat the real battered real right now.

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{"id":48093382,"title":"'Real Live': Bette Midler Tony's acceptance speech","duration":"2:41","description":"\"Real Live\" co-hosts give their take on the necessity of award show play-off music.","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-bette-midler-tonys-acceptance-speech-48093382","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}