Rihanna and Chris: Secret Hookups?

Are they back together? "US Weekly" has the exclusive details.
3:35 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Rihanna and Chris: Secret Hookups?
Time to get all caught up on the latest celebrity scoops and scandals and they are some good ones today here's a fair opportunity details let us as us weekly is Rebecca -- stock -- activate the so what's -- the -- the bombs found that Leon and Chris Brown may have been secretly seeing each other for what a year and -- need -- will we've heard from several sources that. She never stopped loving him they've been secretly hooking up. Nobody is actually -- public so help park his car at her apartment complex. On the economic slack after everything that happened I mean he be upset about that yet to be hospitalized and now it's crazy why her -- think she didn't. Well bluntly talking said she likes to live dangerously so this obviously in keeping with that and they were each other's first love -- have this crazy connections so. You know who knows what is going through her mind exactly by any chance they'll ever come out public -- Well most people think now he actually he has -- girlfriend there's that's one reason and obviously fans would. Not probably -- you know -- so. Seems like it's gonna be behind closed doors for Latin knows what happened to her friends say that -- had a little bit of a rebellious streak right after I like to do it if she's not supposed to do actually kind of attracted -- -- Not doing that the perfect right things so this obviously keeping -- back very interest elegance we'll certainly be watching -- Now let's talk about Russell Brand and Katy -- divorce -- break -- obviously that's still. In progress but now we're hearing that Russell Brand may be planning to write a tell all yes well he's already written two books that the -- work book he's written -- now. He's a third one on the way we've heard from good sources that this one is going to go into a hole exposed and her marriage or divorce. On the big Kellogg like an at this -- worried about that she's very wary of she's been -- very low she was in Hawaii now she's going on tour which is not -- but she's not wouldn't you know. Looking forward to this because she can only imagine what types of things can be exposed and are there any sort of particular things that she doesn't want out -- that we know about. Well you know they have such different lifestyle she's as big party girls I'm sure we'll be touching on that and eatery started -- make these videos about what he's been working on you as well so it should be. -- needs to -- and if things are let's let's fund to. You know George Clooney of this new girlfriend and the thing about long but they seem to be fairly hot and -- And we all know that he's very different but Brad pet business that makes sense that -- new crop and share a plane break Brad and Angelina Jolie. What happened in the plane. Well they are on a private jet to the Palm Springs film festival earlier this month. And -- and -- being Chinese Angelina Jolie went out of her way to not talk to -- he Keebler George's girlfriend called -- -- the way yet the whole way never acknowledged -- didn't speak. On and we're hearing from sources that she just doesn't really -- -- -- to getting snow isn't just -- is not a girly girl I -- something particular again state that -- Definitely not a currently. About -- heard that you know she just doesn't really think of parents like real actress you know anybody who she wants to associate itself and then to top it off. We've heard from good sources that -- George is actually not a huge fan and I. More than just like to hang out with Brad celebrate and that the this interesting dynamic -- -- and if there now where. Thinking and keep them at the.

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{"id":15388262,"title":"Rihanna and Chris: Secret Hookups?","duration":"3:35","description":"Are they back together? \"US Weekly\" has the exclusive details.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rihanna-chris-secret-hookups-15388262","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}