Rocker Stays Faithful to His Christian Beat

Colton Dixon talks life after Idol.
0:47 | 08/21/14

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Transcript for Rocker Stays Faithful to His Christian Beat
It's worked out really great so might. Fans see a collaboration of some sorters duet album or song down -- absolutely I was really hoping we would we didn't do that on this record that. I've got. A really cool idea that I'm hoping we can. We can get under way with me and Skyler -- And I want to take just another look at that album cover it got to be one of the most stunning that we've seen so far very very nice -- became apparent there yeah. And we which she was she so much -- cold -- consumers you so much thanks for having me really appreciate it.

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{"id":25071218,"title":"Rocker Stays Faithful to His Christian Beat","duration":"0:47","description":"Colton Dixon talks life after Idol.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rocker-stays-faithful-christian-beat-25071218","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}