Romance Heats Up for J-Lo and Bradley

Us Weekly has the scoop on the A-list couple's secret rendezvous.
4:18 | 10/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Romance Heats Up for J-Lo and Bradley
Not to get caught up on the latest celebrity news and for that Rebecca being stock from us weekly is here to listen with the details -- thanks for being with us thanks to. Beautiful -- couple you've got there on the magazine cover the Jennifer Lopez Bradley Cooper we -- hearing rumors but now maybe something a little bit. Mourns death killing more and they were spotted in a -- together at 10 AM on Saturday morning leaving his the complex at his home is in an LA. She was covering her face but He was smiling and raining and they are apparently laughing in the car we've heard from source says so teh Phillies something is up with -- Is that a celebrity who is that a celebrity style walk of shame is that what you call that driving Shane Watson -- and not I'm listen I'm totally. Only exaggerated on -- I -- I think it's an early morning. Yet have -- -- that night OK is this is the playing cards is going to be something it's gonna develop something more we've seen amount a couple of time. Yes they weren't -- say in New York they actually in Florida together He snuck into the hotel sooner than and visit her options filming -- Catlin Arctic resources he's really into her he's been calling her a lot. She's a little more hesitant just because she's still getting over her break up. And she's not a 100% sure -- -- her types -- Latin. Yet well her last minute and it was Marc Anthony me. Who they are still working together right they are -- -- -- their project katic convened would certainly be a reality show based in Latin America. And they're going to a lot of filming a part I think you have a week together coming up in December. So that will be interesting we've heard from sources close to Jalen she's actually dreading having to work when relay so. But when -- they start signing these kinds of agreements this was before they announced their separation so they're pretty much. -- your kind of like -- answer yes. -- we'll have to say I'm sure they'll be some drama. During that filming you know be like the making when I'm that get more than they -- -- and potentially. You know the kids are involved is obviously difficult wherever you -- liberty breaking abstract. It's interesting to see where they move on from here -- OK so speaking of reality England Bethany Frankel what's going on with her. -- she had to contact with the accusations against terror the other week first there was about her being lost its seat her GPS breaking on Raddatz at Nantucket. And that one of the people involved with at that it wasn't true it was all made up for herself. Which she is and adamantly -- it's sad that people are just trying to create lies. So that's her -- she told us that what really happened since they were lots of -- Ryan in the second part with that Huffington Post reported that the sale of her. Skinny girl -- were grossly exaggerated that it was not in -- hundred million that was eight million. Which nations refused to comment -- Huffington Post a sensor yet that combat -- -- still potentially could be hundreds of millions. That's what it's a potentially potentially -- and she said that -- many brands and bring it together so. Get one this stuff is everywhere -- it would be totally unreal possibilities for being a couple hundred million -- I mean that's a lot 120. Look. I don't let -- get over eight million in the house and after that -- Rebecca Brey. Real housewives of New Jersey -- Obviously -- -- with real housewives of New York went real -- -- -- New Jersey they've really been getting a lot of attention lately because some animosity from one particular care. Two recent today has been quite the ten million on this -- and -- not not my opinion but she has been creating a lot of divisions among the cast and pick North Carolina -- over her assistant dean now. I'm -- no longer in the shallow right -- really close to Dina and she's created a rift between the two sisters and that's they haven't spoken in months we've heard -- -- -- -- and here's the video right here that's the table flip that's the notorious re able flipped it really started the whole thing singing is the sort of like this are Saddam in the -- people watch because of the drama so it makes it more fun but -- dramas -- He is -- this is not manufactured -- this is real the sisters are truly not getting along Caroline said she really wants to work things out but -- has been. You know she's been hearing these things by Teresa -- her sister and San Antonio where some of them have walked away from the show legitimately and so they don't wanna do this anyone from here it is right there I mean that they can't get enough that it'll flip. Heard around the world. Being -- from us weekly auction great information and good -- thing -- -- thank you.

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{"id":14772648,"title":"Romance Heats Up for J-Lo and Bradley","duration":"4:18","description":"Us Weekly has the scoop on the A-list couple's secret rendezvous.","url":"/Entertainment/video/romance-heats-lo-bradley-14772648","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}