Rosie O'Donnell Gets Engaged

The talk show host and mother of four is engaged to Michelle Rounds.
0:24 | 12/05/11

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Transcript for Rosie O'Donnell Gets Engaged
Congrats are in order for Rosie O'Donnell the talk show host and -- changed. -- -- the news to the audience Friday at the Rosie show her publicist tells ABC news that Rosie and Michelle -- are engaged but no wedding date has been set. Us weekly is reporting the couple who went public with their relationship three months ago by the not have a Christmas. Rosie has four children with ex wife Kelli carpenter.

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{"id":15091118,"title":"Rosie O'Donnell Gets Engaged","duration":"0:24","description":"The talk show host and mother of four is engaged to Michelle Rounds.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rosie-odonnell-engaged-to-michelle-rounds-15091118","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}