Royal Family Holiday Drama?

Rebecca Bienstock has Will and Kate's holiday plans, and more celeb headlines.
3:00 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Royal Family Holiday Drama?
You don't cut up on the latest celebrity headlines heart -- hits and misses Rebecca B in stock from us weekly is here now with a scoop Rebecca great to see and -- He didn't go undercover story Kate and well I'm heading to the how us progress -- sold their pop. But she didn't know of apparent. Now -- that well. Part of that road traditions chance to leave her parents for the holiday and that this is her first time away from them over Christmas and it's a big DL. In efforts Christmas has factions. Social be spending yet with the queen and their family. And -- are different things that protocol -- be changing her outfit. Up to five times a day and my pants in a very formal affair dairy farm on the -- is fun details like they have to give novelty gifts like one year. Prince William and Harry gave Prince Philip. A whoopee cushion. See the president not hit a couple of coming -- -- -- -- saying it might have a funny and that he's Smart right away at -- currently standing up right -- yes you -- that makes small talk with the queen she will allow it can be intense and people will be watching in. We have a lot of commentary what she connects back now if you start at will be joining them for boxing day can you explain to us Americans what boxing today will still be parenting will be going hunting together it's some sort of extension and yet something like that's I think they want to keep her. Having ties to her family and an obvious in the spotlight. After that -- from the wedding. -- He got some of the best of 2011. In -- and your current -- and -- The best. Yes we have a very fun sorry that you will flow chart again -- -- -- where you can see who is with whom. In the very center we have Olivia Wilde Ryan Reynolds Justin Timberlake and Scarlett Johansson. Is honest let's yes it is upon under the radar permanent summer very brief -- from very brief one time date like Ryan Reynolds and Olivia -- -- -- now. Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively are very hot item. And some some things -- coming from jealousy it's definitely. Scarlett Johansson is not so happy about that the Ryan -- Without so. It's fun to read and see how as he sat in festive -- Yeah. Yeah they're having fun having a lot of -- nobody needs that that gap and having -- great. Some of the -- with some of -- worth it -- Aaron. We spent a little bit about kind of the Kardashian wedding just how quickly it and did what might be considered a worse for some people -- the best just you know how extravagant -- but. If we -- -- contrast we put them -- wedding has asked that question this hour -- comes to that was bad and we have and I'm -- out. Baby you -- -- that development very Red Hat since they have the Beyonce Latin exactly winds for the past fund because she just revealed that the enemy is. Which is so that -- and it broke records on Twitter with how many people were tweeting about it major points for the -- breaking news yes I like men not everybody but -- but the ticket yet if you pray pray I blocked but the -- -- and I jokingly. Whereas Jessica Simpson everybody basically -- she was pregnant and then she revealed it also with a Twitter. Post her -- to the money thing going to be in Miami. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you are all great news that's happening are now with. Ashley and eight -- -- the -- what's the story. Well they're doing really well there living together in New York -- she's about to finish dental school and they spoke to -- recently about -- -- Not moving really fast towards wedding plans are taking their time still -- -- each other. Which seems to be the best idea didn't. We just haven't break rally and I heard island which is fat adding that it -- So it seems -- the best way to make these acts and relationships -- -- take everything really slowly and leave them alone yes take the baton spotlight apathy there right. McNamee I think he's -- to you.

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{"id":15156481,"title":"Royal Family Holiday Drama? ","duration":"3:00","description":"Rebecca Bienstock has Will and Kate's holiday plans, and more celeb headlines.","url":"/Entertainment/video/royal-family-holiday-drama-15156481","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}