Sally Field Reflects on her Career

From early career to activism, the Oscar winner takes a look back
3:00 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for Sally Field Reflects on her Career
Very good madam president keep things. Don't convening of this subcommittee. To investigate this hot team since last minute to play a movie that I am smiling mrs. Clinton was counseled -- -- Man. -- -- need to investigate the. You have -- -- take sections. Even prosecutorial. It just in my -- -- -- household income always been so impressed yes thinking it's true. The miracles I have round. Opponents -- Beatles and cutlery and voices came to. What -- see -- in the mini movies especially smoking ban. You and Burt Reynolds in that car talking about -- time. In Hal -- if somebody that's just came from me and let's all admit that -- well that anything having you with Sondheim completely different hey it's. And here I thought it was just towered over. No articulate and attacks to know -- -- -- -- not -- don't just get with nothing at all and so is basically just religious and living. And I I've always thought that Stephen Sondheim is absolutely. I mean the most amazing. Of a handful amazing people who have written music it's since the beginning of used. -- concern. He's got. But -- -- -- I see you and I remember civil. Just remember you -- -- and it's shocking everybody you know we're discomfort. Inside -- feel -- that -- could play Garcia multiple personality disorder. And I guess that's when I'm worried about most when you -- -- -- I was what Larry -- -- many personalities and all I really stayed in -- character and they would have to have someone drive me home. Couldn't drive home one time because we shot on the streets of New York hear someone tried to arrest me. Yeah out because I was walking around reading for the shot to began -- I was so the character. That someone outside their store called that the police that there was a crazy woman looming. They're shocked and looked like there was going to be some travel. And they -- try to -- think that your children worry about where you're taking on this kind of thing that now did they say watch mom. I thinking I think kinda. I know my youngest son Sam. With feels very part of this because he sort of watch this process. And and it can be so painful any compelling -- such painful land as a human being. But they knew that I would somehow come out the other side that Sam didn't say. When it was all over we were wrapped he said you know land -- it just so glad I don't have to talk to that reading weird woman on the phone anymore that was -- -- Well on this that we talked a little about this before but. I forget what the organization was at that gave buy -- used to say anything -- see what human rights came in right but yes and you got up there and you spoke -- peace carrying issues. Yes yes. I think -- mission statement they put a box from me stand I'm thinking I was so tiny and I am but -- I had high heels on foot maybe like -- over the microphone. So I had issues that. But you wanted to do this he wanted to come out and -- essence well -- because you do it -- -- -- -- users is beautifully and to use the F word and I was doing music to me. -- -- I. People and asked me to do this before for the Human Rights Campaign which -- very much support. For gay rights and and and and from. -- be able to Mary. And he respected for that Annie -- and proper way. But I was very hesitant to to it because it isn't my story it's my son's story. And I feel it's inappropriate for me to use it as me. As a platform for me -- thing that I deal because of his story and it's his personal life and it's not mine and T it's hits. Business that he wanted me to do it he he he works that the Human Rights Campaign. He's a young man that really speaks for his generation right now and I'm so proud of him and who he is. And I wouldn't change a second panel viewing it -- -- -- I -- he says directly yes and bluntly what he's the he'll also he introduced me and I was a nervous -- it -- didn't die again is. Oh my god -- was always its highest point when he didn't wanna be seen in -- He -- up there in -- and in front of you know 3500 people. And ultimately the world -- it went viral. With such -- and such humor and -- is and and so I told his ice told this story being his mother. And there are -- -- parents of gay children gay and lesbian children that don't understand it. And -- frightened by it and the horrible thing is this they don't listen to what their children have to say to them. About -- nature intended them to be. And they shut them out of their homes and their hearts and that's just the worst is -- -- upon. These children at that time in their lives whether you're gay or straight is the hardest time in your life to figure we are and what he got off for the world. And your parents lock you out because of who you admitting -- bracing. In an atypical way it's not an easy choice it's not a choice you make me because it isn't a choice -- it's went nature intended. And they its viewers to to embrace. Well there was just this support. Between the two -- -- that was great and also that he could say. She's in your face you know to my mother she's just out there and she's in -- -- yet. And then he said how you had moved to New York -- and -- the good -- questions and a few blocks away the bad news is my mother's only a few. That sort of doing. He and are you really stopping by the kind of a much. I can't help that I feel like I'm right next -- building -- -- what can it hurt. I but I tried to do that because I try to reason I was talking to us now and I am just calling one -- -- a lot now saying what he done. But even if they're no mother and doing something like something -- you get a free keeping up with but. But I'm taking him. I he he's seeing a lot more theater than ever -- he ever thought he -- have received that enjoying and most of it that. That's in what is your day like -- that your transplanted New York. Com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At times that I -- not working I just. Love it here I told everybody when I got here in my apartment is finished just really tiny -- that I felt like some a piece of my puzzle had finally. Landed. I had wanted to have replace US ever really ever and I but I couldn't do it so I feel. Like okay I had this to sit at the line I get this part now I get -- with so longing to be here. I -- because they can go to the theater whenever I want all -- myself and to see people work cranking go to the movies -- right can. At the it's distant worlds -- that I have belonged in a long time and not hadn't been able to get here. I like that you listen to music. People are constantly -- for our -- -- on -- Flying lessons as much -- minute because I listened channels and in like serious radio can say that I -- that plays a lot of stuff like that. Well I -- not just because I've worked at Rolling Stone because music is there we always and wish her with song. Oh dear well it doesn't have heels on it's just like a little even Tommy -- He did -- -- -- up so you can't back out OK now it can be anything that's in your head. You don't have to do the theme from the fund bulls because of -- happen. With the weather outside is frightful. That buyers so -- delight fall. And since -- no place to go. Let it now landed snell -- it's now I wish it would we just had a hard game I don't want to. Okay I'm -- I -- 60 downfield once now. And thank you -- -- -- -- -- -- Now he cannot -- I know I want it that's what's got me you don't you don't want anything.

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{"id":18176646,"title":"Sally Field Reflects on her Career","duration":"3:00","description":"From early career to activism, the Oscar winner takes a look back","url":"/Entertainment/video/sally-field-reflects-career-18176646","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}