Behind the Scenes of Kenny Chesney's Tour

Find out just what it takes to make the country star's stadium tour happen!
1:45 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the Scenes of Kenny Chesney's Tour
My name is -- want to know I'm the production manager for Kenny Chesney and it has been a blast and 2011. Going -- -- -- Kenny Chesney for ten years now idea. I just came over to help out and slam next thing you know ten years back it is just been a tremendous opportunity and a great experience. It's a great fit for me. We get along really well my whole game. Is at this point or -- -- and is really. Too. Create the environment. For everybody else to be able to do their thing. I've just. -- crew and their amazing. And so I just -- -- villages extract you gotta feed them -- Florida house we carry everything we carry our own kitchen area. Ten men culinary staff and we. Carrier own power I'll -- needs a time and a place and you know journalists that the most part it's it's managing the logistics of what we're gonna do next Canada headed things. Getting things ready and the -- so that. When we get there. They can function in an efficient manner and that none during the day there's decisions to make where things got to be where zero -- -- and go from there. It's it's mostly. It's getting ready for the game we -- asked to do a mission go out his sixty shows -- gas some fun. And you know I'm walking away from this -- my head held high and very proud of what we accomplished.

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{"id":14909734,"title":"Behind the Scenes of Kenny Chesney's Tour","duration":"1:45","description":"Find out just what it takes to make the country star's stadium tour happen!","url":"/Entertainment/video/scenes-kenny-chesneys-tour-14909734","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}