'Shameless' and Proud Of It

Catching up with Shanola Hampton from Showtime's hit series, "Shameless."
4:54 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for 'Shameless' and Proud Of It
Still Hampton is one of the breakout stars of the hit cable show Shane -- that she dropped by our chat with art and good morning big -- morning. Prevent what she's over at the -- group haven't played it. Just friends. What we don't have friends -- -- Well obviously it's not a religious thing you know people are outraged -- -- but other than chores he's got to do and his joke. What's your beat Malik. -- -- -- black kid. Racist. You are racist I am not a racist hate all black people can't just the ones who make babies at -- and probably can't. Yeah and though silence that -- that we're here with us today to talk about as well -- So much energy telling you what you've got like -- whole crew -- Oak Creek which is great. Thanks so much -- not -- -- of people haven't finished a give us a brief right now what is shameless about it -- I love it that I'm making them. Rate -- -- it's alcoholic father was played by the wonderful William H mania -- is completely dysfunctional -- a parents are human being it back. Our minutes that the oldest sister to take care of the five kids because the mom has left I played this taxi neighbor was like an -- to the kids in the best friends and -- -- sister Fiona sassy. Is an understatement here care tonight you're pretty hot and heavy with Kevin some of these scenes and some nudity and you've said before that's all right you're fine with that I mean that really kind of pushed -- -- for some actors comfort. From. I'm not happy and I think sometimes in America where little stuffy about the nudity thing but when you -- depicting a character in a very real way. Sex is a part of a relationship so why not show it. And we just get a little -- year. -- what's obvious that this thing easily in the -- of about the you know things might have tried that might try that in the future and that. And you give him the I mean think that the show clearly. -- a lot of boundaries and account the political correctness has more fun it was to be little more liberation or do you ever sit back like. Guys and a Beagle a little too far in the -- Rarely do -- we've gone too far nothing shocks -- more of -- shell. I might that we take -- I -- that we are pushing those countries because it makes it more entertaining and we don't -- -- We keep it Smart audiences with the entire time just great. I -- and that I think it's probably speaks to the success you -- -- now in seconds the second thing I ain't going strong and that's what kind of developments you know it's gonna happen with your character -- seen any kind of interesting twists and turns with Kevin I think what's really great about the second -- the first season and you get like. Outlining their relationship so you do see a lot of those sexual acts and although some sort of -- -- With great the second season is it's a couple who was going to the next level which is children and what that means is going to be a Foster child in the so a lot more -- and you're gonna get to see different areas and yet dynamic because a lot of people might necessary and -- busy with that ultimately disrupt affiliated independent film. Things never said. Tell little bit about that things never fed is really great if it's a completely different character from Veronica which really really love she is a woman who had been a victim of domestic abuse and she finds her voice through spoken word poetry -- -- -- -- poetry. And it's with clean now and in a -- -- intently Jones and Michael beach it's just. A fantastic script an -- -- story a universal story. And it really really touches at the court that was really a great extent is it -- the switch between those kinds of characters that sounds like it is the polar opposite they are. It's not tough actor that's really what our job is. But you do have to open yourself up emotionally especially when your plane -- like the character I play cal. And things numbers that I went to a place that I've never actually gone as an actor before because I had to. Because so many people are victims of domestic violence I really wanted to make sure that I did -- justice. And really this wonderful script -- so is very emotional journey for me. Things never segments but it was really really great and I was so the field from that would really nice to -- -- would then jump back to do Veronica again -- -- -- Britain bring you back to -- level rise it's. I think I'm getting a lot -- aboard that I guess in a personal let them know you're super -- to fitness yes I have that you've got to have some guilty pleasures you've. I can mean come on 1 o'clock in the morning that -- -- doing something. Yes. On -- fitness as spies working out that did not -- eat healthy. A die hard desert Peter -- -- eat cupcakes almost every single night Bob -- you regrets. -- that television all over all the cookies cakes yeah. You are a woman after my own -- A lot of it is that. You can see you can teach him with the -- and showtime continued success to you -- -- -- --

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{"id":15442123,"title":"'Shameless' and Proud Of It","duration":"4:54","description":"Catching up with Shanola Hampton from Showtime's hit series, \"Shameless.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/shameless-proud-15442123","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}